4 Best Bra for 40 Year Old

At the age of 40, most women want to feel great and look sexy but in comfortable and easy bras. Thus, you can spot a good bra that not only leaves you feeling secure but also confident when you dress up, just by the looks. 

But hey! before you purchase a new bra, it is essential to be aware of any changes, like a change in your cup size to avoid buying the wrong bra.

If you haven’t bought a bra in a while and feel overwhelmed with all the bra options, this review takes you through the best bra for 40 year old that will keep your ‘twin girls’ feeling amazing.

Best Bra for 40 Year Old

1. Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size

If you are a plus size girl and looking for a wireless bra that can give you a nice comfortable lift, Glamorise full figure plus size bra is for you.

This bra is not only designed to give you comfort but also has an amazing design that looks classy. The cups give full coverage and are also partly laced to give the bra an amazing modern look.

If you want a bra that also helps relieve some weight off the shoulders, especially if your ‘twins’ are large, then this is the bra for you. This bra features wide cushioned straps that not only relieves pressure from your shoulders but also keeps you comfortable.

This bra is designed to give you an amazing lift, as well as give you a natural shape. It is perfect to wear for any outfit and any occasion. You can even go to bed in it if you prefer sleeping with your bra on.


  • It is wireless
  • It features wide cushioned straps
  • Gives boobs a good lift
  • It gives a natural shape to breasts
  • It is comfortable


  • The lace part of the cup is thin.

2. Maidenform Comfort Devotion Lace Bra

Maidenform comfort devotion lace bra is a perfectly comfortable bra featuring an underwire that holds your two boobs firmly and securely. 

If you are shopping for a bra to wear for work or chores at home, this bra is amazing under a T-shirt or a dress.

This bra stretches nicely around the under band and does not make the ribs uncomfortable. It also shapes out with your skin and does not dig into the skin when hooked. 

What’s more, the bra has easily adjustable straps for you to customize to your preference.

If you want a bra that helps enhance the shape of your boobs, this bra’s SmartZone cups have that catered for. The cups also have extra lace covering, to keep your boobs nicely covered.


  • It is affordable.
  • The cups are great for shaping.
  • It has a lace covering on the straps.


  • The lace on the straps is itchy, the first few days

3. Wacoal Women’s Intuition Push-Up Bra

If you want to spice up your bra drawer with a good push-up bra, Wacoal Women’s Intuition push-up bra is an amazing option for a 40-year-old woman. 

This bra features a deep plunge center which gives your boobs amazing cleavage and at the same time keeps you comfortable.

The bra has two strap options for you. You get to wear your straps the normal way or switch them to the crisscross way. The straps are also adjustable to keep you feeling comfortable and in control of your bra.

This bra has an amazing design and looks chic. It is an amazing bra that keeps your drawer playful and your twins feeling youthful in their 40s.


  • It features a deep plunge
  • The straps can be converted to crisscross
  • Cups are padded and comfortable
  • It gives a firm hold


  • The straps need regular hooking

4. Bali One Smooth U Underwire Bra

This is a perfect bra for hot days. It is an all-day weather bra that keeps your boobs feeling comfortable, nicely held, and sweat-free. 

The bali one smooth U underwire bra is designed to give your boobs full coverage. It is an amazing bra to wear under a t-shirt or an official outfit for work.

Although the cups are full coverage, they do not look like a grandma’s bra, rather, they have a cute mesh that flatters your boobs and keeps them covered.

One outstanding feature of this bra is the band that stretches perfectly when you hook the bra. It does not squeeze in your skin too tight, which means you can have the bra on all day, without feeling the tight discomfort.

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  • The band is not tight
  • It is a full-coverage bra
  • The straps stay in place


  • Nipples might show when worn under light fabric

Buyer’s Guide for Best Bra for 40 Year Old

1. Cup Size

It is important to know your current exact cup size. When shopping for new bras, it is easier to assume that you are still the same size as a year ago or a few months ago. However, your cup size can change with weight gain or weight loss.

Taking your measurements again when buying a bra minimizes the chances of getting the wrong bra.

2. Bra Uses

Sometimes, buying a bra requires you to be specific about when you will need to wear that particular bra. If it’s a bra to wear on occasion, you should consider buying a bra befitting the kind of clothes you will have on top of it.

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3. Straps

It is annoying to keep adjusting the bra straps, especially when they keep falling off. Consider your shoulders before buying a bra. 

Keep in mind that if you have small shoulders, you need to buy a bra with convertible and adjustable bra straps for added stability.

A good bra for a 40-year-old should feel comfortable and take care of your needs, as well as keep your boobs feeling awesome tucked in the bra. 

You do not have to wear a loose-fitting bra or a bra that feels old to keep yourself comfortable. There are bra options that are stylish, youthful and will meet your bra needs.

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