Are Expensive Bras Worth It? How to Tell in 5 Easy Ways

Are Expensive Bras Worth It? How to Tell in 5 Easy Ways

Shopping for a new bra has to be something you budget for in advance. It is not only the high-end bra brands with a three-figure price tag, but some bras will also surprise you with how much they cost, yet they seem so simply made.

So, are expensive bras worth it? In truth, you can choose to spend $10 on a bra, or $150 on a bra. How a bra fits, its comfort and its durability may be directly proportional to its cost. While buying a cheap bra is easy on your wallet, an expensive bra is worth investing in for comfort and body confidence.

Bras are underwear, and shouldn’t cost much in thought, but there’s a lot of labor and cost that goes into making a good bra, which explains why some of them cost hundreds of dollars.

 If you are budgeting for new bras, and are wondering whether to get a few expensive ones, this article has details on whether it is worth making that investment.

Are Expensive Bras Worth It? (Quick Answer)

Buying an expensive bra doesn’t always guarantee perfection, but it is worth an investment. However, you need to be keen on what you are pouring hundreds of dollars into. Also, remember that some start-up bra brands might be more expensive due to the production costs. It is crucial to know the kind of fabric, design, and brand the bra is made of before buying it at an expensive cost.

How To Tell If an Expensive Bra Is Worth It?

Unfortunately, spending a lot on a bra does not equal owning an amazing bra. Buying a great bra does not only involve spending a lot of money on the bra, there are bra details that need a keen eye to make your expensive purchase worth it. 

Here are a few things that qualify an expensive bra as a worthy investment:

1. Your Confidence

If you try on a bra and feel confident and comfortable in it, it is worth an investment. The same case with an expensive bra, if it offers you some level of confidence and comfort, it is definitely worth the price.

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2. Fabric

The bra’s fabric is one of the key determinants of how comfortable your skin will feel in a bra. The fabric also determines the longevity of the bra, and how the bra will look after wearing it for a while. 

High-quality bra fabric takes the day when it comes to maintaining a sleek and elegant look, even after several years.

3. The Fit

Have you ever bought the right size bra, but it does not seem to give you a perfect fit?  While some bra brands might require you to go a size up or a size down, a high-quality expensive bra always knows how to fill in the gaps and amazingly fit your breasts.

4. Comfort

There is no need to spend $200 on a bra if it keeps you feeling as if you need to break free from it. A good expensive bra should not feel like your boobs are in captivity. You know an expensive bra is worth it when you feel comfortable in it that you forget you have a bra on.

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5. Details

Some high-end expensive bras are usually not that detailed, like the T-shirt bra. 

We have bras that feature accessories made of metal, glass, or plastic while some feature expensive pieces of accessories making them pricier. 

Other bras feature a mixed blend of fabrics to make them sophisticated.

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FAQs on Whether Expensive Bras are Worth it

Why Are Bras Expensive?

Bras come at a higher price because there is a lot of craft and labor involved in making them. Most bras have to go through handmade processes. A bra also has many parts to be assembled, which adds to the overall cost of bras.
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How Long Does an Expensive Bra Last?

If you buy a high-quality expensive bra, it should last you about 9 months or more. Some bras have longer durability and could last years, depending on how you maintain the bra, and how often you wear the bra for instance a daily use bra type or once in a while bra.

When Should I Replace a Bra?

If your bra band keeps getting up your back, it is time to replace it. Another easy way to tell that your bra needs replacement is how the straps behave. If you need to keep tightening the bra straps more than you used to, it is a sign you need a bra replacement.

Expensive bras are worth investing in, but you need more than an expensive price tag on the bra for a quality guarantee. 

Before buying an expensive bra, ensure that you feel great and confident in it, and confirm the fabric quality, comfort of the bra, the design, as well as the details on the bra. Expensive bras are also worth it because most last longer due to the high-quality materials used to make them.

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