<strong>What is the Average Bra Size for 14 Year Old?</strong>

What is the Average Bra Size for 14 Year Old?

Girls’ breasts start to develop as early as eight (8) years old to as late as thirteen (13) years. Notably, for a 14-year-old, breasts are still in the development process, especially, for late bloomers. Generally, breasts take 3 to 5 years to mature.

The variance in breast development implies that a 14-year-old’s bra size varies depending on her body’s growth, especially individual breast development. But what is the average bra size for 14 year old?

Most 14-year-olds put on a full B-cup size bra or a small C-cup size. Note that 14-year-olds are usually at the pick of puberty and thus are likely to increase their breast size drastically, as they turn 15.

Let’s delve into this further!

What is the average bra size for 14 year old?

B to small C cup size is the approximate size for a 14-year-old girl. However, at 14 years, some girls’ breasts are still small, and may wear size 32A.

A 14-year-old with a small bust is likely to put on a B cup-size bra, while a girl with a large bust size will have a C cup-size bra.

Why are my breasts small?

Body weight and genetics are the main factors that determine the size of your breasts.

During puberty, some girls tend to gain weight. And since boobs comprise fatty tissues, any gain in weight is also distributed in your breasts. Consequently, you get a large bust size.

If you maintain an average weight, the same is true for your boobs size. Therefore, most breasts are directly proportional to your body weight.

In addition, genetic composition plays a vital role in determining your breasts’ size. If your mother has a large bust, she will likely pass down that to you, and the opposite is true.

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Is a 34b bra size big for a 14 year old?

No. Most 14-year-olds will comfortably fit a B-cup size bra. Others, however, may not fit in this bra size, possibly because their cup size is bigger; that is a ‘C’ cup size. While for 14-year-old petite girls, theirs may still be ‘A’ cup bra size.

Remember that the rate of puberty development differs from one person to the other hence, explaining the variance. Other factors that may explain this include one’s weight, hereditary, and stature.

How do I increase my breast size?

Some small-breasted girls would want to have a large bust but wonder whether it is possible and how to go about it.

There are a lot of conspiracies on how to increase breast size, from using certain unverified naturopathic cures to certain medications such as birth control pills. However, the only sure way to increase your breast size is through surgery, specifically breast enhancement surgery.

Nonetheless, if you are afraid to undergo surgery, you can consider other natural methods that, as much as they don’t increase your breasts, they enhance them.

They include:


Engaging in the right exercises regularly can help improve the overall look and size of your breasts.

Some weight training exercises are known to contract and relax the pectoral muscles that are situated under your breasts and strengthen your back and shoulder muscles. As a result, your breasts will appear firmer, perkier, and sizeable.

Particular exercises are also known to tone and firm up the breast’s tissue improving their overall look.

Some practical exercises include push-ups, crunches, chest compression extensions, and wall-ups.  

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Get a new, well-fitting bra

Too small or too-large bras may hinder the actual look of your breasts. Too-tight bras flatten your breasts making them look smaller, while large bras keep your bras sagging, thus appearing small.

The solution is to find a well-fitting bra. Ideally, bras are designed to support, offer comfort and lift your ‘twins’.

Kindly consult a professional bra fitter if you do not know your precise bra size. A well-fitted bra enhances your breasts making them appear larger and fuller.

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Push up Bras

Wearing a push-up bra lifts your breasts. As a result, they appear perkier and sizeable. This is due to the bra’s padding that is designed to lift your breast tissue.

However, note that it will not alter your actual breasts’ size.

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Maintaining good posture

Having a good posture enhances your back and stomach muscles. Also, it improves your flexibility, strength, and balance.

As a result, your breasts will achieve a perkier look. However, it does not alter your breast size. Certain exercises that help improve your overall posture include plank exercise, cat-cow pose, and child’s pose.

Additional Questions

What is the bra size for a 14-year-old?

For a 14-year-old, average bra sizes tend to be around 32B or 34C. However, each girl’s body development varies. Very importantly, it’s not about size but about finding a bra that provides enough support, coverage, and comfort during this growth phase.

Is a 34C bra size too large for a 14-year-old?

No, a 34C bra size isn’t automatically considered large for a 14-year-old girl. At this age, there’s a lot of body growth happening, so the critical focus is on wearing a well-fitted teenage or beginner’s bra that’s comfortable and offers proper coverage. Remember, every girl’s growth journey is unique, and due to body development, her bust size may continue to change.

Is 32D too big of a size for a 14-year-old?

Not at all. A 32D is not too big for a 14-year-old. The important consideration is that the girl has been correctly measured and is wearing a bra that’s comfortable and supportive. It’s not about the size being “big” or “small,” rather getting the right fit for comfort and support is what matters most for girls in their growing years.

Is a 36D considered too large for a 14-year-old?

A 36D bra size for a 14-year-old is not necessarily too large. Every individual’s body grows at a unique pace and it’s something beyond control. Large breasts for younger women are unfortunately often stigmatized and over-sexualized, which is inappropriate. If a 14-year-old girl wears a 36D bra, the key is to find a well-supporting, comfortable bra suitable for her body. It’s about her comfort, not other people’s opinions about size.