<strong>What is the Average Bra Size for a 12 Year Old Girl?</strong>

What is the Average Bra Size for a 12 Year Old Girl?

It can be a daunting task shopping for a bra for a 12-year-old girl especially if it is her first bra.

You need to determine her bra size, identify the best bra type for her and also find out the factors to put into consideration when shopping for a 12-year-old girl.

Amidst all these, getting the correct bra size is essential. So, what is the average bra size for a 12 year old girl? Let us find out below!

Breast development

Although different girls develop breasts at varying ages, usually for most girls, their breasts begin to form between eight (8) to 12 years old; puberty stage.

It is at this stage that the release of sex hormone levels in their bodies increases and particularly the release of estrogen in the body that is responsible for the overall changes in the body composition including breast development.

The varying breast development among girls is determined by several factors that include: weight, genetic composition, nutrition, sports, and fitness among others.

Also, note that breast development occurs in different stages:

  1. The initial stage starts when the nipples begin protruding and turning pinkish,
  2. Then, followed by the famous ‘budding’ stage when the breasts bud (the area just behind the nipple), begin to form and grow.
  3. The areola ‘the dark area around the nipple enlarges and becomes darker and more prominent.
  4. After that, the surrounding parts of the nipple and areola begin to grow into a breast. Gradually, your breast enlarges until it becomes a full breast.

Note that, as your breasts grow, your nipples may appear pointed till it is fully grown.  

Average Bra size for a 12 year old girl

Before determining the ideal bra size for your 12-year-old girl, it is important to have a deeper understanding of bra sizes.

Bras have two types of sizing: the band size and the cup size. The band size also referred to as the chest size is the measurement across the chest area to the back of the body. Band sizes range from 32, 34, 36, 38, etc.

The other sizing is the cup size whose measurements come in AA, A, B, C, and D. Cups hold your breasts in place and thus you need to get the precise size to enhance your breasts’ comfort and support.

Therefore, bra sizes are a combination of chest size and band size. For instance, if you have a 32 breast size and A cup size, then your bra size should be 32A. 

The average bra size for a 12-year-old girl is 32 A. Most have a 32 band size while their cup size falls either size A or B.

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How do I find the right bra size for 12 year old?

Measure band size

You will require a cloth tape measure to determine your chest size. Place the tape measure under your breast and run it all around your back and the ribs. Note down the measurement. To find out your band size, you need to add 5 inches from the measurement.

That is, if your measurement is 30 inches, add 5 inches and that will give you 35 inches. Since it is an odd number, you will need to round off to the nearest even number and it will give you 36 cm; which is your band size.

Note that the tape should be held firm, touching the body but not too tight.

Measure bust size

Place the tape measure across your breasts wrapping it all around the sides and the back. When measuring your bust size, make sure you are in a relaxed position with your arms pointing down.

Measure cup size

Your band size is smaller than your bust size. Therefore, find out your cup size by subtracting your bust size from your band size. For instance, if your breasts’ size is 38 and your chest size is 34, then, the difference is 4 translating to Cup size ‘D’.

Here is how cup sizes are classified:

AA= ½ Inch

A= 1 inch

B= 2 inches

C= 3 inches

D= 4 inches

Best bra Type for a 12 Year Old

1. Sports bras

Sports bras are becoming popular ‘first’ bras for young girls since they support breasts, bringing them closer to the chest.

Sports bras prevent breast movement, especially among sporty girls.

Check out these sports bras:

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Spaghetti Strap Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

2. Training bra

Training bras are bras that offer your breasts minimal support and are normally ideal for girls wearing bras for the first time. They do not feature an underwire and their cup size is smaller than the AA cup size.

This type of bra offers your girl’s breasts enough coverage for her to feel confident and also to help her get used to wearing her new innerwear. It also makes them feel comfortable.

Here are some of the best training bras to get your girl:

Alyce Intimates Girls Cotton Cropped Cami Training Bra

Crop Cami Training Bras for Girls with Adjustable Straps

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3. Fitted bras

Once your breasts have passed through the budding stage, you will require a supportive bra for your boobs.

Fitted bras offer your breasts adequate support as opposed to training bras.

Whether you desire a lace bralette, underwire bra, push-up bra, or deep plunge bra, there is a wide range of fitted bras to suit your personal needs.

Check out these fitted bras:

DOBREVA Women’s Sexy Lace Push-Up Plus Size Bra

Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It Underarm-Smoothing with Seamless Stretch Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra

Smart & Sexy Signature Lace Deep V Neck Wireless

4. Minimizer bras

If your 12-year-old girl is not yet used to her protruding breasts, consider buying her a minimizer bra.

Minimizer bras effectively reduce the fullness of your breasts minimizing your bust size by about an inch, but still taking your natural shape.

Minimizer bras feature comfortable padding that runs throughout the bra, broad straps, and extra full cups.  

Here are amazing minimizer bras:

HSIA Women’s Minimizer Bra Unlined Underwire Full-Figure Lace Bra

Wingslove Women’s Full Coverage Non-Padded Comfort Minimizer Wire-Free Bra

Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra

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5. Soft Cup bras

Soft cup bra is an ideal bra for young girls as it takes your breasts’ natural shape, and offers comfort and adequate support.

Most soft cup bras are available in thick fabrics and are wire-free so you feel comfortable and confident.

Check out these soft cup bras:

Wacoal Women’s Body By Soft Cup Bra

Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Seamless Soft Cup Bra

What to Consider when buying a bra for a 12 year old girl

1. Bra type

If you are not confident enough about wearing bras, consider getting a sports bra or camisole as the first bra. Both provide full coverage of your boobs. This way, your bra and especially your nipples will be invisible under your garments.

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2. Consider lined bras

Lined bras feature light padding that offers comfort to your bras especially if you have tender nipples, and that’s what a 12-year-old girl needs.

Besides the comfort, a lined bra makes you feel confident, knowing that your nipples don’t show through your clothing, especially for timid girls.

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3. Get the perfect sizing

Putting on a too-big or too-small bra will cause discomfort. Therefore, it is important to determine your precise bra size.

If possible, consult a professional bra fitter. In addition, ensure that the bra straps fit well; not digging on your shoulders or falling off.

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