4 Best Bra for 65 Year Old Woman

4 Best Bra for 65 Year Old Woman

When one goes from one age bracket to another, there are more changes in the body than one can keep up with. For a 65-year-old woman, the boobs might lose the fullness they once had, leaving her bra drawer almost unworkable.

Simply because age is catching up doesn’t mean your bra should look unfashionable or boring. Nowadays, older women are not shy to show off their mature figures and wear stylish bras.

The need to keep up with style does not have to make you a slave to discomfort. You can be elegant, stylish, and comfortable. 

If you’re wondering how your bra can keep you comfortable and still allow your figure to show, here are amazing options for the best bra for 65 year old woman.

Best Bra For 65 Year Old Woman

1. Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Underwire Bra

If you are a plus size 65-year-old and are looking for a comfortable underwire bra, Elomi Women’s plus size is an amazing option for you.

Sometimes underwire bras might feel uncomfortable, especially when worn for long or when worn during physically engaging activities such as running errands or doing chores. 

This bra, however, delivers unbelievable comfort for your boobs. You can do all your chores, go for a walk, and even work out in this bra without experiencing discomfort.

This bra is not only designed for comfort but also has a chic look. It features a sheer embroidered top cap that gives it a fashionable and elegant look. The bra has a three-piece cup and also features side support panels that hold your boobs in place and give them an amazing shape.

One outstanding feature that makes this bra perfect for senior plus-size women is the inwardly placed straps that prevent strap spillage.


  • It is comfortable
  • Amazing chic design
  • Features side support panels
  • It is an all-day bra
  • Inwardly place straps


  • The underwire cuts through the fabric with time

2. Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche

If you are looking for a comfortable bra with no added padding, Chantelle women’s Rive Gauche is a good option for you. The bra features comfortable wired caps that comfortably secure your boobs.

This is an amazing bra for special occasions and all-day use. It is the bra that makes a 65-year-old feel comfortable and youthful at the same time. Also, it features an elegant lace cap. The lace cap gives full coverage for the breasts.

Having no added padding makes this bra so light that you can have it on for a party all day, and come home without feeling like your bra is the first thing you need to take off.

This bra has adjustable straps that can be customized as you like. The bra features an eye and hooks closure thus easy for seniors to hook and unhook the bra. 

Another added feature for comfort is the U-shaped back that takes off some weight from the shoulders, to keep you feeling light.


  • It does not have added padding
  • It is light
  • It has a U-shaped back
  • Comfortable wired cap
  • Has adjustable straps


  • It is pricey

3. Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It Dig- Free Band


Warner’s Women’s easy does bra is designed for extra comfort for 65-year-old women. So, if your top priority is comfort, then this is the best bra for you. 

This bra features a wide bottom band, to it in any weight, and delivers comfort. The bra also aligns with your shape, as it has stretchy fabric that gains the shape of your boobs, giving zero strain to the twins.

The bra also features convertible straps to spare you from the monotony of having over-the-shoulder straps only. You can wear the straps in the traditional over-the-shoulder way or convert them to the crisscross design, depending on what makes you most comfortable.

The straps also attach to the front, which makes it easy for you to remove them without taking off your T-shirt.

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  • It features convertible straps
  • The bra has stretchy fabric
  • It takes the shape of your breasts and chest
  • It is comfortable
  • Straps are attached to the front


  • You might need a size up for large breasts

4. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Front Closure Bra

If you are shopping for a comfortable bra on a budget, Carole martin’s full freedom bra is a great option. This bra is not only comfortable but also comes at a good price.

This bra is amazing for 65-year-old women with back strain issues. It features wide straps that provide sufficient support without straining the back. 

The bra is wireless and does not have extra padding. It is an all-day wear bra that is perfect for taking strolls, going out for errands, or brunch.

This bra features a unique stretchy fabric that can stretch in any direction, to support any shape of breasts. It is customized for your breast shape. The bra is also designed with a front closure therefore easier to hook and unhook.

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  • It is affordable
  • Features wide shoulder straps
  • It features a multi-directional stretchy fabric
  • Designed with a front closure


  • It is a light lift and support bra

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bra for 65-Year-Old Woman

1. Comfort

Comfort for a 65-year-old woman is a crucial thing to look for in a bra. While you might want to feel stylish and flattered, it is important to keep comfort a priority when buying a bra.

2. Style

Being 65 does not mean your bra needs to feel old. Your bra should make you feel stylish and comfortable. Ensure that you choose a bra that has a touch of chic or style, depending on your taste.

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3. Size

Your breast size should be considered when buying a bra. Some bras are more comfortable for women with large breasts, while some are more comfortable for medium size breasts, regardless of your age.

When buying a bra for a 65-year-old woman, it is important to consider their sense of style, comfort, and breast size.

There is a bra option for any bra needs. Whether you want front closure, back closure, shoulder straps, padded, wired, or wireless, our top picks cover any bra needs for a 65-year-old woman.