Best Bra For Large Breasts

Best Bra For Large Breasts

The best bras for large breasts, rated higher than 4 stars, include Glamorise Wonderwire Front-Closure Bra, Le Mystere Second Skin Back Smoothing T-Shirt Bra, FITS EVERYBODY SCOOP BRALETTE, Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra, and Elomi Molly Full Figure Underwire Nursing Bra.

Type of BraBrandProsConsRating
Full Coverage BraGlamorise Wonderwire Front-Closure BraOffers full coverage, available in multiple colorsMay not provide enough side support4.5/5
Minimizer BraLe Mystere Second Skin Back Smoothing T-Shirt BraBack-smoothing, minimizer effectMight not be comfortable for prolonged wear4.3/5
Plunge BraCuup The Plunge BraExcellent for deep V-neck outfits, good supportLimited color options4.6/5
Breathable Fabric BraFITS EVERYBODY SCOOP BRALETTEBreathable fabric, comfortable for daily wearMight lack support for some4.1/5

Expert Bra Fitter Kimmay Caldwell On Comfy Alternative to Painful Underwire

For larger-breasted women, the journey of finding the perfect bra can be fraught with unpleasant experiences, including irregular fitting, lack of support, and discomfort. But don't worry, dear readers, it doesn't have to be a never-ending cycle of disappointment. Understanding the individual needs of large-breasted women, and the transformative power of a perfect bra, is the key to overturning the ordeal into an empowering journey.

Signs of a Perfect Fit for Large Breasts

Since comfort and support aren't mere words, but a complete feeling, finding an ideal bra entails hitting several check marks.

Perfect Cup Size

Firstly, we have the cup size. Your breasts should fill the cups without overflowing on the top or sides. If there's wrinkling or loose space, you might need a smaller size.

Appropriate Band Size

Secondly, the band size. Remember, the band should fit snugly around your body. If it's riding up your back or digging into your sides, adjustments are necessary.

Comfortable Straps

Thirdly, the straps. They should rest comfortably on your shoulders. If they're leaving indents or constantly slipping off, you're not wearing the right fit.

Right Underwire

Fourthly, the underwire, which should lie flat against your rib cage, enclosing the entire breast without causing discomfort.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bra for Large Breasts

Once you have the signs of a perfect fit down, here's a list of factors to guide your next bra purchase:

  1. Comfort: This is non-negotiable. A comfortable bra would make you feel like you're not wearing one at all!
  2. Support: As much as we endorse a stylish bra, function should not be compromised for fashion. Ensure your bra provides optimal uplift and support.
  3. Durability: Go for the brands that offer durability without sacrificing comfort.
  4. Style and Aesthetics: It all boils down to personal preference here. Some women prefer lace while others prefer a more streamlined look. The important part is that you feel fabulous and confident in it.

Best Bras for Large Breasts Review

Full Coverage Bra

From the options available, one bra that stands out is the Glamorise Wonderwire Front-Closure Bra. Offering full coverage and available in multiple colors, this could be a perfect addition to your lingerie drawer.

Pros: Offers full coverage, available in multiple colors
Cons: May not provide enough side support
Ratings and Reviews: An average rating of 4.5/5 stars with most reviews praising its comfortable fit.

Minimizer Bra

Next, the Le Mystere Second Skin Back Smoothing T-Shirt Bra. Touted as an excellent minimizer, this bra promises a smooth look under clothes and t-shirts.

Pros: Back-smoothing, minimizer effect
Cons: Might not be comfortable for prolonged wear
Ratings and Reviews: An average rating of 4.3/5 stars, with many reviews highlighting its sleek design and back-smoothing feature.

Plunge Bra

Additionally, the Cuup The Plunge Bra is an excellent pick. As a plunge bra, it offers a deep V-neckline without compromising support.

Pros: Excellent for deep V-neck outfits, good support
Cons: Limited color options
Ratings and Reviews: An average rating of 4.6/5 stars, many reviews complimented its support even for larger cup sizes.

Breathable Fabric Bra

Lastly, the FITS EVERYBODY SCOOP BRALETTE. Made from breathable fabric, this bra is an excellent choice for those looking for ultra-comfort.

Pros: Breathable fabric, comfortable for daily wear
Cons: Might lack support for some
Ratings and Reviews: An average rating of 4.1/5 stars, with users praising its breathable fabric and comfort level.

How to Correctly Measure Bra Size for Large Breasts

Getting your correct measurements is crucial for a good fit. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Measure your band size by placing a measuring tape around your ribcage, right under your breasts.
  2. Then, measure your bust by placing it around your breasts at their fullest point.
  3. Lastly, subtract your band size from your bust size to get your cup size.

Make sure not to hold the tape too tight or too loose, and always measure in front of a mirror to ensure it's level.

Tips for Taking Care of Bras for Large Breasts

Whether it's the functional Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra or the fashionable Delimira Full Coverage Underwire Lace Bra, extending the longevity of your favorite pieces is simple with these tips:

  • Proper Washing Methods: Hand wash where possible and use detergents designed for delicate clothes.
  • Proper Drying Methods: Air-dry your bras by laying them flat. Avoid using the dryer as it can compromise their integrity, shape, and lifespan.
  • Store Your Bras Correctly: Instead of folding them, lay your bras flat or hang them to maintain their shape.


Choosing the perfect bra is a personal journey that requires understanding and patience. But remember, no matter what choices you make, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin!

FAQ Section

Here, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions about bras for large breasts, from deciding on the right size to choosing the right type of bra. This will serve as a guide for anyone starting or refining their search.

Remember, everyone's body is unique. The perfect bra for you is the one that makes you feel your best. So go on, start this exciting journey with newfound knowledge and confidence. Be sure to embrace your unique shape and remember – you're beautiful just the way you are!

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding the perfect fuller-bust bra can be quite challenging.
  • Professional bra fitter, Lily Flast from NYC, offers expert advice and inclusive, nurturing virtual bra fittings.
  • A good bra should have certain key characteristics such as comfort, support, and style.
  • The article lists 25 of the best-rated bras for large busts, all having ratings higher than 4 stars.
  • Some of the recommended bras include:
    • Glamorise Wonderwire Front-Closure Bra – known for its front closure feature
    • Le Mystere Second Skin Back Smoothing T-Shirt Bra – praised for its back smoothing effect
    • FITS EVERYBODY SCOOP BRALETTE – recognized for being a comfortable bralette
    • Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra – a favorite for its high-impact support
    • Elomi Molly Full Figure Underwire Nursing Bra – recommended for full-figure nursing mothers
    • 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Bra – acknowledged for offering perfect coverage
    • Nude Barre 3PM Bralette – known for its day-long comfort
    • Delimira Full Coverage Underwire Lace Bra – a choice for its full coverage and lace detail
    • Cuup The Plunge Bra – popular for its plunge design
    • Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau Bra – chosen for its bandeau style


Additional Questions

Which bra brand is best for heavy breast?

The best bra brand for heavy breasts can vary, as it heavily depends on individual fit and comfortability. After years of expertise and experience in the undergarment industry, brands like Elomi, Goddess, and Wacoal are often touted as reliable options which offer ample support and fashionable designs.

What bra style is best for wide breasts?

For wide breasts, the best style of bra is often found to be a balconette or full-coverage bra. These styles cater specifically to wide-set breasts as they include wider set straps and cups, offering a combination of comfort, support, and a flattering shape.

What are considered very large breasts?

Breasts that fall under a **cup size of D or larger,** or those that require a **bra size of 18 or more** are typically considered very large. This definition is based on average size metrics and data derived from numerous studies, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable standard.

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