Best Bra for Plus Size Saggy Breasts

Best Bra for Plus Size Saggy Breasts

If you are large-breasted, you understand how hard it is to find a comfortable-fitting bra. It gets even more difficult if your ‘twins’ are saggy.

But hey, worry no more! Here are the best bra for plus size saggy breasts.

In this article, we review bra for plus size saggy breasts, outlined the possible causes of sagging breasts, and the basic features that a bra for plus size saggy breasts should have.

Best Bra for Plus Size Saggy Breasts- Reviews

1. Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra

Elomi Women’s Caitlyn underwire bra is shaped with a three-part cup made of soft and stretchy fabric. It is pretty, offers full coverage and the seams add more support and a forward look. What’s more, this bra is made of nylon, polyester and elastane.

The bra straps are adjustable. You can shorten or elongate them, this makes them suitable for ladies with sagging breasts and short torso.

This bra features side slings that offer added support and also shape the breasts forward. It also assists in minimizing pressure on the shoulders by supporting most of the weight on the chest.


  • They are soft enhancing comfort.
  • It ensures that the breasts are centered down below.
  • Available in plus sizes.
  • Offer both support and lift.


  • Some users report the prominence of the seam at the front of the bra.

2. Prima Donna Madison 

This is a comfy, sexy, and supportive bra. Prima Donna Madison offers an instant lift to sagging breasts. The band sizes range from size 32 – 46, C – H cup sizes.

It has seams for shaping the breasts and they lie flat on the chest. This makes them fit to be worn under tight clothing.

Prima Donna provides good coverage on the top but the boobs don’t stay in place when one bends over. The underwire provides more support and is comfier compared to Elomi as it is encased with a rubber band.

The straps are adjustable and stretchable.  


  • Has an encased underwire.
  • Adjustable and stretchable straps.


  • A bit pricey.

3. Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra 

Chantelle Women’s Rive is a comfortable bra made of unlined underwire that provides comfort for women with a wide chest. The straps are set close hence no slipping off the shoulders. Also, its straps are adjustable and stretchy.

The cup adornments can be seen through thin clothing.

It runs small, thus it’s advisable to go for a bigger size. The laces add a sexy look.

The band sizes are 30-44 while the cup sizes are A-I.


  • Pretty and seductive.
  • Straps do not slip off the shoulders.
  • Made of material that feels nice on the skin.


  • The underwire can poke your skin.
  • The straps are stretchy and need to be regularly adjusted.

4. Freya Women’s Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra

Deco plunge bra is a contour bra with wireless padded cups that do not feature support panels. Although it does not offer full coverage, the breasts fit well in the cups.

You cannot have a spillover if you are sitting or walking. Nevertheless, if you are engaging in vigorous activities, you will have to avoid it.

This bra’s straps are wide while the band has two hooks for all sizes. The underwire is encased and does not come up too high. It is best for moderate sagging breasts.

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  • Wide straps.
  • Lightly padded for comfortability.
  • Sexy and comfortable.


  • Some users report that the straps frays threads after a while.

What Causes Saggy Breasts?

Gaining or Losing Weight

Gaining or losing weight can make your breasts sag in that it leads to shrinking or stretching of the breast muscles. Maintain a healthy weight to avoid saggy breasts.

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Smoking interferes with elastin speeding up the aging process. This makes the breast’s muscles lose making the breasts droop.

Physically Exercising Without Support

This makes your breast ligaments strain leading to saggy breasts.

Shape and Size

Bigger breasts tend to sag and lose shape faster compared to smaller ones. This is because small breasts can withstand the force of gravity for long.

Features to Consider When Buying Bras for plus size saggy breasts

The straps should not be far apart on the shoulders

This is to increase the center pull action which your breasts require.

Non-Stretchy and Firm Material

Avoid stretchy cups made of loose materials. This is to help in withstanding the heavy weight of your breasts.

Soft, full-coverage cups

The cups should not cover only part of your breasts to enhance support, comfort, and lift. The material should be soft so that you can hold your twins firmly (not too tight) without hurting them.

T-seamed Cups

This will ensure that they add more support and are rigid for a long time without losing shape.

Side Boning

They help to prevent side bulges and the bra keeps the side fat in place.

Supportive Underwires

It is almost impossible to find a bra for plus-size sagging breasts without underwires. They help in lifting the boobs higher in the chest. Always look for the one with encased underwires to avoid issues like poking wire in the chest.

FAQs on Bras for Plus Size Saggy Breasts

Does wearing a bra at night prevent sagging?

No! Sleeping in a bra will not make your boobs firmer nor will they stop sagging.

Can sagging breasts be firm again?

It is next to impossible to fix sagging breasts into shape without surgery. Certain exercises can help to keep them in good shape but not get them back to their original state.

Is Vaseline good for breast firming?

There has not been any scientific evidence that smearing Vaseline on your breasts can help in firming or growth.

Picking the best bra for plus size saggy breasts will not only make you feel comfortable but also sexy. Just make sure to pick the right bra size and shape for you and your boobs will have a perky look again.