4 Best Bra For Post Breast Augmentation

4 Best Bra For Post Breast Augmentation

Women increase their breast sizes, fullness or alter their shape for different reasons, ranging from having uneven or too small breasts, poor cleavage, lack of fullness, to lack of proportion.

Regardless of your reasons, you must go through post-breast augmentation care, which includes getting yourself the best bra for post breast augmentation.

During your selection for the most suitable bra after breast augmentation, look for ones with adjustable straps, longer bands, pockets (if you’ll put on prosthetics), and made of soft fabrics. In addition, avoid underwires as they might cut into the skin.

Below are some excellent choices you can consider.

Best Bra For Post Breast Augmentation- Reviews

1. LIPOELASTIC PI Active-Medical Cotton Bra

This is a compression bra for post-surgery made for every type of breast surgery like augmentation, mammoplasty, reduction, mastectomy, mastopexy, or breast reconstruction. Since PI Active-medical bra is lipoelastic, it offers compression, which helps you heal.

If you prefer to put on a bra immediately after the surgery, this is your best option. It has a hook and eye front closure that offers three fastening levels, so you can change the compression as needed.

PI Active-medical bra also has a classic strap positioning that has a plastic slider located on the back to facilitate strap length adjusting. It will not roll up or chaff because of the narrower rubber and elastane band.

It is equipped with a lower décolletage ideal for low-cut clothing or smaller implants, allowing you to flaunt your new cleavage.

When it comes to the cups, you get seamless heat-molded cups that provide the perfect breast support and comfort. The cups are also strengthened with a double-lined material for optimal compression in crucial areas.

PI Active-medical bra is well-built, but it runs small.


  • It helps speed healing.
  • Reduces swelling, pain, and bruises.
  • It lowers the risk of infection.


  • It runs small.

2. Amoena Frances Front-Closure Leisure Bra

When recovering from your breast augmentation, sleep is quite crucial as it aids your recovery. To ensure you rest well, you require a bra that provides maximum flexibility and comfort, and you get that in the Amoena Frances leisure bra.

It’s ultra-soft, high cotton, comfortable, and front-fastening bra that you can wear immediately after breast augmentation. The front fastening hook and eye closure facilitate easy fastening and unfastening, which prevents shoulder and arm injuries.

Amoena Frances leisure bra is 10% Spandex and 90% cotton, making it a comfortable bra. It’s also designed with cotton pockets which are excellent if you need to wear prosthetics or shapers, ensuring they securely stay put.

For its cups, they are cut and sewn and make sure they give you support at all times while staying comfortable. You can buy in sizes DD/DDD, C/C, or A/B cup fittings.

Amoena Frances leisure bra can also be your sleep bra and also your to-go bra during your leisure time, and it’s kind to sensitive skin. However, you should probably buy a size up because it runs small.


  • It offers the ultimate comfort.
  • It has pockets.
  • It’s ultra-soft.
  • It facilitates easy dressing.


  • It runs small.

3. BRABIC Post-Surgery Posture Corrector Shaper Tops

If you are looking for an invisible, comfortable, feel-good, and lightweight bra for everyday wear after a breast augmentation surgery, the BRABIC corrector shaper is a top choice.

It’s made with wide adjustable straps to help minimize back strain, and since it’s non-padded and wire-free, you get maximum comfort. The across-the-chest strap is an attractive feature that helps stop implant migration.

BRABIC corrector shaper also has a three-snap closure that allows you to adjust the bra to achieve a desirable fit which helps with post-procedure swelling. Many customers speak of this bra’s soft material.

This multi-purpose push-up bra pulls your breasts together, preventing sagging. The added support band stays put and doesn’t need continual adjustments.

You get complete coverage support for soft compression, which aids in quick swelling recovery after your surgery. Besides making your breasts rounder and fuller, it also smoothens your mamma accessoria, under armpits, flabby fats, and upper back rolls, thanks to high-end elasticity and wide straps.

While it’s a great bra, sizing can be an issue for full-figured women


  • Excellent quality.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • It provides extra cleavage support.
  • Lightweight.


  • It can be small for women with larger breasts.

4. WANAYOU Women’s Zip Sports Bra Post-Surgery Bra

This yoga bra is specifically made for low to medium-impact exercising after surgery. The super-soft, ultra-comfortable bra is designed using breathable, elastic, moisture-wicking materials comprising 8% spandex and 92% nylon/polyamide.

WANAYOU post-surgery bra has a front zipper closure to make it easy to wear and take off the bra. The anti-slide zipper ensures the bra doesn’t slide down during your workout, while protective clothing prevents skin scratches by covering the zipper’s inside.

The cup’s inside has a tiny opening with a removable pad that you can quickly put in and take out. This bra has a racerback design that provides added support and ventilation to reduce stress and keep you cool.

WANAYOU post-surgery bra is suitable for gym fitness and exercise, tennis, running, jogging, sports, walking, yoga, bowling, boxing, cycling, and many more.

The wide straps help alleviate shoulder pressure, increasing your comfort levels. However, it runs small, so it is best to get a size up to ensure it fits well.


  • Very supportive.
  • It is comfortable.
  • The racerback straps offer proper ventilation and support.
  • The front zipper makes it easy and convenient to wear and remove.


  • It runs small.

FAQs- Best Bras for Post Breast Augmentation

What Is The Best Type Of Bra To Wear After Breast Augmentation?

A wireless compression bra is ideal because breasts feel soft and tumid after breast augmentation. Avoid underwired bras for some time, maybe a week, to avoid scar tissue and stitch irritation.

When Can I Wear No Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Ideally, you shouldn’t stay braless for the first six weeks after your breast augmentation because you require the ultimate support at this time to allow complete healing. You can gradually ease into wearing bras after the sixth week.

How Tight Should A Bra Be After Augmentation?

The suitable fit post-breast augmentation is snug, not tight. While you may experience slight pressure, it shouldn’t be painful or excessive.

The bras above help offer the comfort and support you require after your breast augmentation and also help quicken the healing process. However, while the best bra for post breast augmentation is an excellent purchase, make sure you listen to your doctor’s instructions.  

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