Best Bra For Saggy Breasts

Best Bra For Saggy Breasts

The best bras for saggy breasts, caused by factors such as aging, weight loss, or breastfeeding, include the Elevated Allure Underwire Bra, Evocative Edge Underwire Bra, Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra, Perfect Primer Push Up Bra, and La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra as they offer superior lift, support, and contouring abilities.

Brand/StyleFeaturesBest for
Elevated Allure Underwire BraComfortable support, underwire design for lifting and shapingAll day wear
Evocative Edge Underwire BraGreat support, ideal for full-figure sizesFull-figure sizes
Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire BraFull coverage cups, natural lift for saggy breastsNatural lift & maximum support
Perfect Primer Push Up BraVolume and enhancement to bustlineSpecial occasions or outfits that require fuller bust
La Femme Underwire T-Shirt BraSeamless, rounded finish for everyday clothesDaily wear for a seamless look

Best Bras for Sagging Breasts (After Breastfeeding, Weight Loss or Menopause)

Understanding the Importance of a Well-Fitting Bra

Having a well-fitted bra is crucial to not just comfort and appearance, but also to overall breast health. An ill-fitting bra can cause discomfort, distort your contour, and even lead to health issues over time like neck pain and backaches. For women with breasts that have lost some of their youthful firmness—whether due to age, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, or hormonal changes—a proper fit can provide significant relief and a nice confidence boost.

Common Issues Faced by Women with Saggy Breasts

Many women with saggy or pendulous breasts experience discomfort, particularly when involved in physical activities. Finding suitable clothing can often be a struggle, with the bustline not aligning as hoped. Additionally, breast sagging also often leads to psychological discomfort because of societal beauty standards. But remember, every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Bra for Saggy Breasts

The right bra can provide numerous benefits to women with saggy breasts. These include enhanced comfort, improved posture, less strain on the neck and back, and an overall boost in confidence as your bustline is lifted and your silhouette improved.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Bra for Saggy Breasts

A few aspects come into play when picking out the ideal bra if you have saggy breasts. These include size, style, and adjustability.

Importance of the Right Size

Getting the size right is the most crucial factor. An ill-sized bra can cause discomfort and fail to provide necessary support. You might want to consider getting measured by a professional fitter for the most accurate results.

How to measure yourself for a bra

If professional fitting isn’t accessible to you, fret not. You can measure yourself at home using some simple guidelines. All you need is a fabric or paper tape measure. First, measure around your rib cage right under your breasts—that’s your band size. Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust—that’s your bust size. The difference between your bust size and band size will determine your cup size.

Common problems from wearing the wrong size

Wearing the wrong bra size can result in various problems, like underwire cutting into your breast tissue, bra straps digging into your shoulders, or breasts spilling out of the cups. On the other hand, a bra that’s too big may not provide enough support, leading to discomfort or even possible injury when you’re on the move.

Picking the Right Style

The correct bra style can make all the difference in enhancing your silhouette and supporting your breasts adequately.

The difference between push-ups, balconettes, full-coverage bras, and others

Full-coverage bras, such as the [Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra](producturl), are typically the go-to choice for saggy breasts because they tend to provide maximum support and lift. Push-up bras, like the [Perfect Primer Push Up Bra](producturl), can also work well by enhancing your natural shape and giving a great boost to your bustline. For a more natural look, balconette bras, like the [Elevated Allure Underwire Bra](producturl), can be another excellent option.

Understanding wire, padding, strap width, construction, and material

Underwire, padding, and strap width are critical components to look for. Bras with an underwire help provide adequate support and shape, especially for saggy breasts. Bra strap width should be wider for larger breasts for better weight distribution. For material, breathable fabrics such as cotton are always a good idea.

The Role of Adjustability for Comfort and Support

Adjustability in a bra allows you to find a fit that’s custom to your size and body shape. Look for bras with adjustable straps and multiple hook settings at the back to configure the perfect fit.

Top Bra Brands and Styles for Saggy Breasts

For saggy breasts, here are some of the top brands and styles:

  1. Elevated Allure Underwire Bra: Offers comfortable support ideal for all-day wear, and the underwire design subtly lifts and shapes the breasts.

  2. Evocative Edge Underwire Bra: Perfect for full-figure sizes, provides excellent support.

  3. Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra: Features full coverage cups that give a natural lift to saggy breasts.

  1. Perfect Primer Push Up Bra: Adds volume and enhancement to the bustline, making it ideal for special occasions or outfits that require a fuller bust.

  2. La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra: Offers a seamless, rounded finish for everyday clothes, making it a favorite among many women.

Shopping Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bra

When shopping for a bra for saggy breasts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the return policies, especially if shopping online. Sizing can sometimes be inconsistent across different brands.
  • Prioritize comfort above all else. If it doesn't feel good, it most likely isn't the right bra for you.
  • Always try on bras before buying. The fit can drastically change the comfort and look of the bra.

Common Questions About Bras for Saggy Breasts

Do bras make breasts saggier?

No. In fact, wearing a good-fitting bra can provide the support needed to maintain the breast’s shape, and lift and reduce premature sagging caused by gravity.

Can the right bra improve sagging breasts?

While bras can’t reverse sagging, they can give the appearance of lifted, firmer breasts and delay further sagging.

How often should bras be replaced?

Depending on usage, a bra should ideally be replaced every six months to a year, as the elastic tends to lose its elasticity over time, and the bra may not offer the same level of support.


While finding the perfect bra for saggy breasts might seem overwhelming, remember that it’s all about embracing and celebrating your unique figure. All breasts are beautiful, and the key is to find a bra that makes you feel comfortable, supported, and stunning. And remember, you’re not alone in this journey—millions of women are finding their perfect fit every day!

Key Takeaways:

  • Saggy breasts can be a result of natural factors such as breastfeeding, weight loss, menopause, or aging.
  • Pendulous breasts, characterized by having more soft tissue and a longer drop, can benefit from full-coverage bras, as these provide the necessary lift and support.
  • Shallow top/full bottom breasts adorn more breast tissue at the bottom. Perfectly fitting bras with an elastic neckline and close-set straps are ideal for this breast type.
  • For saggy breasts general, bras with contour cups are highly recommended. These bras help to shape and lift the breast, ensuring that they look great under clothing.
  • Some of the best bras for saggy breasts include Elevated Allure Underwire Bra, Evocative Edge Underwire Bra, Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra, Perfect Primer Push Up Bra, and La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra.
  • The above-mentioned bras are recommended primarily based on their ability to offer lift, support, and contouring. They also ensure a rounder bustline and provide all-day support and containment to the breasts.

Additional Questions

What bra is best for saggy breasts?

**Plunge bras** and full coverage bras are ideal for lifting and supporting sagging breasts. My personal experience with plunge bras has shown they give your breasts a youthful lift thanks to their deep V-neckline, while full-coverage bras provide robust support with their thicker straps.

Can saggy breasts be fixed with a bra?

Yes, **a well-fitted bra** can help lift and support saggy breasts, improving their overall appearance. While a bra doesn’t alter the physical structure of your breasts, my expertise as a lingerie consultant has shown me that the right bra can significantly improve how your breasts look under clothing.

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