Best Bra For Sloping Shoulders: Top 5 Picks You Need To Try

Best Bra For Sloping Shoulders: Top 5 Picks You Need To Try

We know how frustrating it can get pulling back your bra when it slides off your shoulders. It may not be an issue until you are having your first date, hosting a meeting, or giving a speech. Your mind loses focus. Thus, you need to consider the best bra for sloping shoulders.

While sliding down the shoulders is the primary thing, other factors, too, should not be ignored when buying bras for sloping shoulders.

Such include the strap width, the material, the underwire, and support of the breasts.

So, we did great research to give you the best. Have a look;

Best Bra For Sloping Shoulders

1. Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution

Made of 11 percent spandex and 89 percent polyester, this bra is light so that it will not cause you to sweat. You can, therefore, have it all day without feeling uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a bra that features an eye and hook closure, here’s one for you. Plus, it is light; you can wash it in the morning and wear it in the evening if the weather is favorable.

And, you must not use a machine to wash it, the bra is hand washed.

Besides, this bra has no underwire. Hence, it is a good choice for women who are allergic to underwires. The design, on the other hand, is a sleek silhouette, which is what most ladies want.

Though the straps may feel tight, they never dig through your shoulders. We all hate those marks some bras leave on us, right? Every woman wants a spot-free body, and the shoulders are no exception.

Though the straps are not adjustable, which might not be a good choice for some ladies, the cups are seamless. Plus, they are unlined. But there’s one drawback we noted; the bra is not suitable for hiding nippage.

Thus, your nipples might be exposed depending on the type of top you are wearing.


  • Tight straps prevent sliding of the bra.
  • Dries fast since it is light.
  • Breathable, thus no sweating.
  • Seamless, unlined cups.


  • Non-adjustable straps.
  • Shows nippage.

2. Maidenform Women’s One Fab Fit Extra Coverage Lace T-Back 

Just by a mere look at this bra’s image, you can tell that it is a suitable bra for sloping shoulders with padded cups. Simply put, you don’t have issues with nippage when you buy Maidenform Women’s One Fab Fit Extra Coverage Lace T-Back.

Also, since the bra straps stick closer to your neck, they will not slide off regardless of how long you wear the bra or what activities you undertake. Hence, women who love sports could also consider buying it.

When you wear this bra, you enjoy full coverage of the breasts. To ensure no lines are showing on your shoulders after you remove this bra; the straps are padded. Plus, they are thick as well as comfortable.

Due to the lace back, this bra offers sufficient support to your breasts. Interestingly, the straps are adjustable.

So, before you pick your favorite top to dress in, ensure that you have properly adjusted the straps.

When this bra gets dirty, simply machine-wash it.


  • The lace back is comfy.
  • Sticks to the shoulders even when doing exercises.
  • Padded cups give your breasts a good shape.
  • No nippage.


  • Some customers say the sizes are not well matched.

3. Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wire Free

Believe it or not, this is a great bra for sloping shoulders. Here’s why.

Its straps can be adjusted so that they crisscross each other at the back. That makes the bra firm. Certainly, this is the best bra for a woman who wants to do vigorous exercise for many hours but wants her breasts not to slide off her shoulders.

If you do not want the bra straps to crisscross, no problem. You can have them the normal way, and they will still not slide. Since the clips are strong, they will not break when you wear the bra.

Once again, we have a bra with a breathable fabric. Unfortunately, the bra cups are not padded. As such, the nipples may likely show if you are a lover of see-through tops.

On the other hand, it does not have an underwire. Nonetheless, since the straps are tight, the breasts do not sag.

With a mix of 15 percent polyester, 80 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex, this bra is tender on your breasts as well as light.

Thus, dries fast after hand washing.


  • Convertible straps that can be crisscrossed.
  • Straps are adjustable.
  • Breathable material is suitable for sportswomen.
  • Bra clips are strong and of high quality.


  • Cups have no padding.

4. Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished

Looking for the best bra for sloping shoulders with an underwire? Buy Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra. This bra not only gives you a sexy body, but it also gives your breasts a good shape. What’s more, your breasts do not sag since the underwire holds them in place.

Women who have lost weight or are elderly and now have their breasts sagging can attest that this is the best bra you can ever go for.

Additionally, the padded cup ensures that your nipples show not.

To keep your back comfortable; the back of the bra is padded to help smoothen your skin. Still, the straps are closely fixed at the back. This is the feature that prevents this bra from sliding. With a width of 14 inches and a height of 0.7 inches, this bra will fit most women. Plus, you can hand wash it without tampering with its original quality.

Nonetheless, some women say that the cup sizing is not perfect. So, sometimes you may buy the wrong bra size if you are not careful.

We recommend you check the reviews to know the exact size you need to go for.

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  • Suitable even for the elderly.
  • Padded cups cover the nipples fully.
  • The padded bra feels soft on the body.


  • Care ought to be taken as cup sizes may not be accurate.

5. Wacoal Women’s Front Close T-Back

Wacoal Women’s Front Close T-Back Bra is one of the bras that you can wear on normal occasions or when you are breastfeeding. Need to know why?

The bra has a front closure. One woman says that due to this feature, she does not find it necessary to buy the best nursing bras. This bra worked just fine for her because she has small breasts. You could try it as well and give us your review.

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The back closure, too, is strong and won’t keep on unlocking when you make any movement.

Since the back straps are so close to each other, straps never slide when you wear your bra. Plus, the bra is suitable for many women, including those with shallow as well as full breasts.

How about women with east-west breast shapes? You ask. This bra is a perfect selection for them, too.

Featuring an underwire; your breasts will stay in place all day long. However, this bra is not padded.

Thus, it may not be a perfect match for those women who don’t like exposing their nipples.

However, due to the Supplex fabric, you will feel comfortable wearing a cotton bra since the material is soft on your body.


  • Can be worn by women with different breast types.
  • Tender to your body.
  • Has a front and back closure.
  • Straps are adjustable.


  • The sizing may not favor all women as is small.

6. Hanes Women’s Ultimate T-Shirt Soft Front Close Underwire

Though the straps may seem to be far apart, there is one thing we loved about Hanes Women’s Ultimate T-Shirt Soft Front Close Underwire; straps are convertible.

Thus, you can clip the straps together at the back to have a racerback look. As such, the straps should not slide off your shoulders in any way.

Since the bra features a front clasp, all along, you will be comfortable since there will be no unnecessary pressure on your back.

Thanks to the clasp finish, they do not hurt your back in any way. Unfortunately, these bras are only suitable for women with small breasts.

Because of the cups, the breasts do not sag. Plus, there is no gapping. Both the band as well as the straps stay firm on your back and shoulders, respectively. Besides, the straps are not too tight on your shoulders to cause any skin redness.

The bra is made of three different materials that make it a breathable fabric. That is cotton, polyester, and nylon.

At least, you are not going to be sweating and feeling uneasy all day long. Some women, however, did not like the straps since to them, they were a bit thick. Nonetheless, this bra is easy to hand wash; thus, maintaining it is not difficult.


  • Convertible straps as well as adjustable.
  • Breathable material is good for hot days.
  • Clasp never hurt your back.
  • Straps do not cause redness on your body.


  • Thick straps not suitable for some.

Buyers Guide: Best Bra for Sloping Shoulders

If you find a lady who has had serious issues with her pants, asking you, “Why do my pants roll down at the waist?” She can tell you without a doubt that pants can embarrass you in public. In the same way, buying bras that are sliding off your shoulders will equally embarrass you.

If you have sloping shoulders, you don’t go for any bra you find in the market. No, you need to buy a suitable bra for sloping shoulders. To differentiate this bra from others is easier said than done.

But we will make the selection easier for you by sharing the factors you need to look for before deciding on the right color and size.

a. Narrow Straps

A wide strap is a recipe for sliding. That is to say, if you bend or move your hand, the straps will slide, and you will have to keep on rolling it back to its position. Ready for that?

We bet not!

So, buy bras that have narrow straps. Even so, if the bra has a wide strap but features straps that can be crisscrossed, no need to worry. That bra will not slide no matter what you do.

With the right width of the straps, the bra straps should leave only 2-inches from your neck. That way, the bra straps will not slide.

This position also comes with another advantage; the bra neither digs through your shoulders nor causes any redness.

b. Bra Size

Apart from the straps sitting well on your shoulders and being narrow, you should also consider the size of the bra.

Now straps will not make the bra smaller. No! You need to know what is the perfect size for a particular bra. Different companies will manufacture different bras that may not be the same when it comes to sizes. Research shows that some women who used a particular size for a different bra used a different size for another bra type.

So, be sure the size you are picking is right.

c. Quality

Don’t compromise on quality simply because you are fed up with bras sliding off. No, a suitable bra for sloping shoulders should be made of a high-quality material that will last long.

That includes straps not getting weak after the first wash.

The parting shot

From our in-depth research, we picked the five best bras for sloping shoulders. It was hard for us to tell which one wins because all of the bras we picked were good for sloping shoulders.

We, therefore, decided to ask most customers what they thought about these products, and from their feedback, Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra wins.

However, for women who love bras that have straps that are crisscrossing and adjustable, Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wire-Free Bra wins.

Nonetheless, we guarantee you that if you buy any of the above bras, you get yourself the most suitable bra for sloping shoulders.

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