7 Best Bra Type for Large Breasts

7 Best Bra Type for Large Breasts

No matter how many times you shop for a bra, getting a new one feels like an endless search for perfection. And if your ‘two best friends’ are large, choosing the best bra type for large breasts can be stressful and tedious.

What makes a great bra is not just comfort, it is how you feel in it and how well it fits in with your wardrobe and personality. First, you need to know your cup size, and bra feature preference prior to shopping for more bras.

If you have had many bra types for large bust options but you still feel confused about which one will give good support, comfort, and flatter your figure, this review has some amazing options. 

Read on.

Best Bra Type For Large Breasts

If you have been feeling uncomfortable in your bras especially if you are well endowed, you could be going wrong with the bra size, fabric, or bra type. In truth, the best bra type for large breasts is what makes your breasts feel comfortable, flattered in shape, and well-supported. A minimizer bra, plunge bra, T-shirt bra, balconette,  or sports bra are among the best bra types for large breasts.

1. T-shirt Bra

For a T-shirt bra to work for your boobs, you must get your bra size correct. Before you buy another bra, take your boob measurements again. 

T-shirt bras are amazing to wear under anything. They lay seamlessly under the thin fabric and bring out your breast shape naturally.

If you are looking for a bra for daily use for large breasts, get yourself a well-fitting T-shirt bra.

2. Sports Bra

If you have to keep pausing your workout to adjust your bra, you need a supportive sports bra. Sports bras are not just great for petite girls, they are also great with large breasts. Furthermore, sports bras do not have extra padding or an underwire.

A sports bra allows your breasts to take on their natural shape, by providing good support on the shoulders and band. Another great thing about sports bras is their lightweight, which allows you to move comfortably through your workouts.

A good quality sports bra also has high-quality fabric for maximum support and breathability during your workouts.

3. Minimizer Bra

The minimizer bra distributes your breast volume to give you a smaller look. It is a great bra to wear with a fitting dress or top.

Note that a minimizer bra does not squeeze you up, rather the cups are strategically designed to do the minimizing job and keep you comfortable. You can have a few inches out from your bust with a good minimizer bra.

4. Strapless Bra

If you have upcoming events where you need to rock your strapless dress, a high-quality and comfortable strapless bra will do you good.

Strapless bras are supportive for large breasts as they are designed in a way that they can give you the needed comfort and support without straps. 

Most strapless bras come with separate straps, which means they can be worn with straps on, depending on your outfit.

5. Wired Bra

You can always count on an underwired bra for support if you have large breasts. A high-quality underwired bra does not feel uncomfortable, contrary to the common perception about wired bras.

If you get a wired bra with great fabric, wide and supportive straps, as well as a good stretch band, you can be sure of comfort.

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6. Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is good for wearing V-neck dresses or tops. They allow you to comfortably show off your cleavage without the bra cups appearing on top of your outfit. 

Plunge bras have an underwire and most of them come with padded cups.

7. Bralettes

If you have an easy day ahead like a picnic or relaxing at home, a bralette should be perfect. It is the ideal bra when you want to avoid padded and underwired cups. 

Bralettes also come in flattering lace material to keep your breasts feeling amazing.

Best Bras for Large Breasts

1. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Plunge

If you are looking for a plus size bra that does not have exaggerated under bands or straps, Elomi women’s plus size plunge is a great option for you. The bra comes at a good price with the best features for big girls.

To start with, this bra does not go all the way up on your underarms, which can be quite uncomfortable. This bra instead fits right below your underarms and still delivers the needed support for a big bust.  

Another amazing feature is how minimum the back hooks are. The bra features the eye and hook closure, but has 3 hooks, which is sufficient to give support for your boobs and keep you feeling comfortable.

The cups are rounded and have an elegant lace material on top. The cups keep your breasts comfortable without making you feel squeezed. The bra is also low cut on the front for added comfort.

While this bra’s underwire can feel a little uncomfortable the first few days, it checks in place after wearing it a few times and delivers a firm hold on your breast.


  • It is low cut on the front
  • The cups are rounded and lace on top
  • The bra has three comfortable hooks


  • The underwire feels comfortable during the first wear

2. Natori Women’s Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Contour Bra

This bra features full-fit coverage to minimize spillage for large boobs. The bra features chic sleek cups. The sleek fabric is perfect for wearing under light clothes because it sits invisibly under any fabric.

The bra has unique lace straps that hold on nicely on the shoulders. The lace straps keep you comfortable on the shoulders even when worn all day. The straps also provide much-needed support for large boobs.

Another amazing feature is the 2 ply seamless sides and back. They are comfortable and do not squeeze in the skin too much. This bra has a triple hook that enhances support for your boobs and certainly does not feel exaggerated.

This bra is perfect for all ages, even for 40-year-old women or senior women. It has full coverage and great support, as well as comfort.


  • Lace straps are comfortable
  • Features sleek cups
  • The sides and back are seamless
  • Gives great support and comfort for large boobs


  • It is expensive

3. Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra

If you are looking for a minimizer bra, the Bali passion for comfort minimizer bra minimizes up to 1.2’’, leaving you slimmer around the bust, and is perfect when you need something to fit well around your boobs.

This bra features an elegant smooth cup design, and the lace inserts at the straps deliver a detailed look to the bra. The bra has a smooth lining that barely shows even when wearing light clothing on top.

This bra has an underwire that is well tucked into the cups. The underwire provides a nice lift and comfort for your boobs; it almost feels as if it is not there.

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The great thing about this bra is that you can get a couple of them, even when on a small budget. They come at an affordable price.


  • It gives a slim fit
  • It is affordable
  • The underwire is comfortable
  • It has sleek cups and a smooth lining


  • The strap adjustability is limited

4. Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra

This is a great strapless bra for large girls. Wacoal women’s strapless bra has unbeatable quality and is amazingly comfortable. The bra is designed to give maximum support for large boobs without making you uncomfortable.

This bra features foam cups to flatter your figure and an underwire that gives amazing support. It is a perfect bra for dressing up, as it sits invisibly beneath your dress, which allows you to slay without stress.

The lower bottom band is cushioned to give you added comfort. This bra gives your boobs full coverage and includes separate straps, in case you want to wear them. The straps can be worn normally or crisscrossed.


  • It has cushioned lower bottom band
  • Comes with optional straps
  • The cups have foam
  • The underwire has silicone material on top, for comfort


  • It is pricey

Buyer’s Guide for Best Bra Type for Large Breasts


Unless it is a strapless bra, which in most cases comes with optional straps, the bra should have good supportive straps. Wider straps are better for large boobs as they give great support and comfort.

Bra Closure

Hook and eye-back closure bras give the best support for big girls. While having a good amount of hooks could give extra support, it is not necessary to have too many hooks. Three hooks are usually enough even for big boobs.


The best bra option for large breasts should have sufficient padding. Padded cups give support and great coverage for boobs. The padding also gives a flattering shape for your girls.

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Are Underwired Bras Comfortable for Large Breasts?

Underwired bras give good support for large breasts. However, you need a high-quality underwire bra to keep you comfortable and avoid strain on your skin.

Is It Okay to Wear a Bra to Bed If You Have Large Breasts?

If you are more comfortable sleeping with a bra on than without, there is no problem with sleeping with it. Women with large breasts might find sleeping without a bra uncomfortable. 

Sleeping with a bra on helps keep your boobs in a contained position and reduces uncomfortable breast movements.

How Often Should You Wash a Bra?

Regardless of the size of your breasts, you should wash your bra after every two wears. Bras get dirty and when they go unwashed for a long time, they could cause skin issues.

Your next bra shopping should not be hectic after learning the best bra type for large breasts. You have options for your workouts, a night out, an indoor bra, and an everyday wear bra.

Comfort should be a number one priority, and so should your confidence and support while wearing a bra.

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