4 Best Bras for Lift and Support

4 Best Bras for Lift and Support

Why suffer wearing a bra that offers minimal or no support when there are plenty of lift and support bra options in the market? An excellent lift and support bra not only accentuates your figure but also boosts your confidence.

Push-up bras, balconette bras, full-coverage, and padded bras give you a lifted silhouette. While all these are suitable options, ensure the style you pick offers the ultimate comfort, fits, and has you feeling confident. With proper selection, you will have a bra that sits perfectly underneath your clothes.

We came up with this roundup to narrow down your choices by presenting you with the best bras for lift and support.

Reviews of the Best Bras for Lift and Support

1. Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Bra

This bra is designed to solve unsightly underarm bulges. It has innovative high-side panels that give you extra support and an underwire for shape and more support.

The elastic-free fabric smoothes out the sleeve, translating to a fabulous sleek look, while the additional side coverage offers proper side coverage, eliminating underarm bulges. It’s a comfortable bra because it is made using breathable material, comprising 80% nylon and 20% elastane.

You can confidently put on this bra when doing high-impact activities because the sides do not ride up and distribute tension uniformly across the entire band. Hand washing and line drying prolong the bra’s longevity.

It features adjustable front straps that you can conveniently adjust to fit you well. It’s available in numerous colors, including black, white, arona, butterscotch, skylight, lavender macaron, and toasted almond.

You can get it in different sizes, ranging from 34B to 44DD. While this is an excellent bra, its underarm nature might be an issue for some people.


  • It gets rid of the underarm bulge.
  • It has elastic sidebands that distribute tension evenly.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • Soft fabric offers a smooth finish.
  • Front-adjustable front shoulder straps.


  • Underwire.

2. Playtex 18-Hour Original Comfort Strap Full Coverage Bra

If you desire additional support but do not want a wired bra, consider the Playtex 18-hour bra. This Playtex best-seller bra has full-coverage front and wide straps, offering a lot of lift even without the underwire.

It also features a wide band and high smoothing sides for comfort and stability. The original straps prevent digging in and alleviate pressure, while the Playtex Spanette fabric ensures that you stay supported and comfortable.

It provides sufficient support to make sure your twins do not bounce around as you move up and about. It gives flawless coverage, particularly around your cleavage, and the cups hold the breast tissue seamlessly without making your breasts spill out.

Your breasts will stay in place without rubbing because this bra is high on the underarms. It has an expansive size range (34D to 54DD), making it ideal for women of most sizes.

It’s an excellent choice for women with larger breasts looking for a bra to provide side support, lift, and shape. One downside is that you have to hand wash it.

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  • Full coverage.
  • Adjustable, comfortable straps.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • Hand wash only.

3. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size Front Close Lace T-Back Bra

This bra offers solutions to most bra-related issues. It accommodates bigger breasts even if you have an average band size. Additionally, back fat should not concern you when wearing this bra because it handles it discretely.

It’s a front-closing bra that does not cause quad-boob or spillage and features a T-back design that is highly supportive. The cups are also designed to hold your breasts perfectly without causing spillage.

It has a thicker band and a wire with proper cushioning to provide the ultimate comfort. It’s also made with a supportive band and a perfect racerback, particularly for women with large breasts.

You can be sure you will not deal with uniboob, armpit bulge, and puckering breasts with this bra. It provides separation and proper lift as well. You can buy it in sizes 34B to 48G.

Considering the quality of this bra, you would undoubtedly wish it came in more colors. Also, the fact that its hand wash only is potentially a drawback.


  • Excellent support.
  • No spillage.
  • Easy to secure and unhook front closure.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Clasp closure.


  • Hand-wash only.
  • It has limited color options.

4. Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

This bra features molded cups, a wide band, and thick straps, which work together to shape and lift your bust. At the same time, it smoothens your back and sides.

Many customers love that it is supportive, soft, and comes in various sizes and colors. The available colors include rosewood swirl, black dot, nude jacquard, and timeless purple swirl. It comes in sizes 34B to 42DD.

It’s made from 6% Spandex and 94% nylon and features a targeted, knit-in 2-ply back and side support. Its Comfort-U design ensures that the straps stay in place, so you do not have to keep adjusting your bra.

There is no spillage and cupping with this bra, and it has an all-around comfort and support lining. It also does not lead to skin irritation on sensitive skin, even if you sweat.

It does not make the ladies droopy and pushes the breasts together, giving you fantastic cleavage. The foam cups are ultra-thin and stretch, offering fit flexibility. However, I didn’t like that it is hand-wash only.


  • It offers excellent lift, style, and shape.
  • Perfect fitting.
  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • Full support lining.
  • It’s kind on sensitive skin.


  • Hand-wash only.

FAQs- Best Bras for Lift and Support

How Long Do Excellent Lift and Side Support Bras Last?

Many things factor into the durability of your bra. These include how often you wear it, its quality, and taking care of it. The size of your bust also plays a key role. Bras for big breasts tend to wear off quickly because they support large breast tissues. Replace it every six months.

What Kind of Bra Is Ideal For Lift and Side Support?

Regardless of the style, choose a bra with wide and fitting band adjustable straps, high sides, stretchable cups, and push-up capabilities.

How do I Find a Fitting Lift and Support Bra?

Your bra size is of utmost importance when it comes to bra shopping, so ensure you know your bust measurements beforehand. Check online for guidelines for measuring your cup and band size.

You do not have to get cosmetic surgery to modify your breasts or be well-endowed to make your breasts perky and achieve an hourglass figure. A good lift and side support bra like the ones above will help you achieve it.