4 Best Bras for Women Over 50

4 Best Bras for Women Over 50

Bras are an essential part of women’s clothing, even during one’s senior years. The best bras for women over 50 offer the ultimate comfort and support.

You will notice significant changes in your breasts and body in general through the years. As you grow older, life changes and gravity may take a toll on your physical appearance. Bras help you feel more comfortable and combat any sag.

Even as you age, you deserve to look good, and besides support, a well-fitting bra makes your breasts look attractive.

Check out some excellent options below.

Best Bras For Women Over 50 – Review

1. Playtex 18 Hour Wirefree Bra w/ Flex Back (Front-Close)

It’s a beautiful full-coverage bra that is known to offer the best support for sagging breasts. It’s made of a stylish mesh and super breathable material to make sure you do not feel sweaty or hot.

It has a front closure and large hooks, making it effortless to hook and unhook. This bra is ideal for women over 50 because the straps can be adjusted easily and have wide, soft padding that stays put and is comfortable on your shoulders.

Playtex Flex Back bra is an excellent choice for women with large breasts because of its shape and cup size. In addition, the cup’s elastic straps make it suitable for mature women.

It’s entirely wire-free; hence you do not have to worry about getting poked by wires. The microfiber jacquard cups give you an immensely smooth look beneath your clothes which enhances your overall profile.

In terms of appearance, Playtex Flex Back embodies a stunning floral design. On the flip side, some people find this bra to have a pointy shape.


  • Easy, convenient front closure.
  • Comfortable.
  • Breathable and soft.
  • Ideal for sagging breasts.


  • The shape is pointy for some people.

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2. LEADING LADY Women’s Plus Size Sleep Leisure Bra

It is a breathable, comfortable bra that will feel soft on your skin. However, the most exciting aspect of this bra is the gravity-defying material.

Leading Lady Sleep Leisure bra is cotton blend-made, which keeps you comfortable. It has some Spandex to give you the flexibility you need as you move around. This bra comes in a wide range of band sizes to ensure it fits women of different sizes.

The Leading Lady bra is perfect for leisure and sleep, giving older women the comfort and support they require during the day and at night. The full-coverage bra has wide straps which do not fall off your shoulders and an elastic underband for high-level support.

What’s more, it is available in multiple prints and colors, so you can choose the one that suits your style and needs best. The front closure makes putting on and removing the Leading Lady Sleep Leisure bra easy. 

Due to its stretchable cups, this bra can work as a nursing bra. The downside is the cups are not padded, which means the nipple may stick out underneath shirts, dresses, and tops.

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  1. Gravity-defying material.
  2. Full-coverage.
  3. Stretchable cups.
  4. Comfortable, breathable material.


  1. It’s not padded.

3. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Consider this bra if you are looking for a comfortable bra that is also appropriate for everyday use and work. Instead of wires, Bali Comfort Revolution has a soft, strong underband to support your breasts and your back and sides cinched, creating a smooth silhouette underneath your clothes.

It comes in different colors at a budget-friendly price; hence you can buy the colors you like most. The cups are lightly padded, but it has enough material to keep your nipples from protruding.

It offers full coverage, support lining, and full support and prevents any cupping and spillage, helping you feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

Bali Comfort Revolution has a stretch foam that facilitates fit flexibility and a smooth comfort band that moves with you. Further, it comprises thick straps, a wide band, and molded cups to help you achieve bust lift and shape. 

Since it is a hook-and-eye bra, it is easy to put on and remove and offers a secure fitting. However, you should consider buying a larger size because this bra runs small.


  1. Tight-fitting.
  2. Easy to wear.
  3. Comfortable.
  4. It offers excellent bust support.


  1. It runs small.

4. Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support

Brassieres are comfortable, boost a woman’s outlook, and their supportive designs protect your breasts from injuries. To enjoy these benefits, consider Playtex because it offers a desirable supportive design.

Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support is well-designed to shape and support your breasts, whether you have a small or large bust, without causing any irritation. However, some customers wished it provided more lift.

It’s 100% nylon-made, which is light, durable apparel that doesn’t have irritants. The wire-free bra provides full coverage.

Its support panels cradle your twins well, while the hook and eye closure is adjustable and offers a customized fit. It also has thick, cushioned straps that don’t dig into your skin, and it’s designed without unsightly wiring.

This hand-washable bra is easy to wash, suitable for day-to-day use, and doesn’t stretch after wearing it for a while. It also provides reliable functionality even during busy days.

It’s a great product for women over 50 who don’t like padded bras. Hand washing helps to keep this bra in perfect condition for a prolonged time. 


  1. Sturdy lift-support panels
  2. Adjustable closure (hook and eye)
  3. Comfortable material (100% nylon)
  4. Thick, cushioned straps


  1. Hand-wash only.

FAQs on Bras for Women Over 50

Are Bralettes Ideal For Women Over 50?

Bralettes are not ideal for women over 50, because they stretch out, causing a drooping, sagging appearance. Bralettes are made of cotton and don’t have underwires thus a must-have for women who value comfort.

What Should I Factor In A Bra For Women Over 50?

When shopping for a bra for women over 50, choose the right size, adjustable thick straps (preferably front closure), and make sure it offers proper support and natural shape.

Why Do Women Over 50 Need Bras?

There are many reasons for women over 50 to wear bras. They include lowering breast strain when working out, providing support since muscles lose their elasticity over time, and boosting your posture.

Support and comfort are the main things to look for in the best bras for women over 50. To make sure you get the best support, use the size chart to get the suitable bra fitting.