10 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

10 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Pregnancy and nursing periods can be a confusing time for new mothers. Yes, even for mothers who have nursed in the past. Why? Each pregnancy comes with different challenges.

Usually, you may witness a growth of up to 3-cup sizes. In that case, you will need to find the best nursing bras for large breasts. Not only will they make you feel comfortable, but they will also fit you well.

What’s more? Bras for large breasts give you an easy time when breastfeeding. The bras that we have reviewed below are a good choice for active nursing mamas with big breasts.

Take a look.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts: Our Top Picks

1. Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

Looking for the best nursing bras for large breasts with flexible wires to give sufficient support? Great, Elomi women’s smoothing underwire molded nursing bra will offer precisely what you are looking for.

Moreover, these bras have seam-free cups which make them a great choice for any mother who does not want to strain when breastfeeding their baby. This is so because the mother can access one breast at a time. Plus, she can use one hand to uncover her nipple.

Talking of colors; this bra comes in various colors. You can, therefore, choose any of the available colors.

Its material, on the other hand, comprises of 3% Elastane, 91% Polyester, and 6% Nylon. This composition makes the bra hard and shiny.

Due to these qualities, most mothers prefer wearing it during the day as at night; it makes them feel uneasy.


  • Offers great support
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Seam-free cups make breastfeeding easy
  • Durable due to its material


  • Some users feel uncomfortable due to the smooth material
  • Not suitable for sports

2. HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras Bralette S-XXL

Made of 8% Spandex and 92%Nylon; this bra is breathable and comfortable. It is comfortable because the material is soft. Moreover, you can adjust the shoulder straps. The straps feature a non-slip design.

What’s more? Most mothers with big breasts say that this bra is the best nursing bras for large breasts because it is easy to access the breasts.

Further, they explain that they are able to use one hand to unfasten the cups or refasten them. Usually, it comes in 3-pack. Besides, you also get extenders which help to adjust the bra to the level you feel comfortable. Additionally, they have bra clips.

You can remove the clips, wash and use another one while the one you were using is out drying. Quite impressive, right?

In case you want to remove the thick, round foam insert, you can always do so. However, some users say though the foam stays in place; often, it twists.

Nonetheless, they attest that the bra offers excellent support. Furthermore, the bra features a wideband which helps prevent breasts from sagging.

Thus, if you love wireless bras, without a doubt, here’s one for you. Did we also say that this bra is suitable for both pregnant and nursing moms? Well, we thought you should know.


  • Offers maximum support
  • Comes in 3-packs, and with 3 extenders plus 3 bra clips
  • Features adjustable shoulder clips
  • Allows one use of hand when breastfeeding
  • Feels comfortable to the body
  • Is breathable
  • Drop-cups make breastfeeding easy


  • To some extent, the insert twists

3. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding

Here’s another bra for nursing mamas with big breasts. Plus, there are a variety of colors to choose from as well as sizes. So, whether you wear a small size or an extra-large (XL), you will always get it if you buy this type of bra.

Kindred bravely simply sublime seamless nursing bra has won awards in the past. Its unbeatable quality gave it the Parent Tested; Parent Approved Award.

Without a doubt, this is a great nursing bra for large breasts. Plus, since it is wireless, soft and stretchy, pregnant mothers use it as they feel comfortable.

The bra is made of Spandex and Nylon materials. Spandex amounts to 7% while Nylon amounts to 93%. To make it possible to retain the shape of your breast as well as separate them for an elegant look; this bra features a removable pad.

Since the bra also features clip-down cups, nursing mothers can use one hand to unfasten the cups as well as refasten them.

As such, regardless of where you are, you will never worry about struggling to breastfeed. It’s a game-changer. If you feel a bit uncomfortable after wearing the bra, you can always adjust the straps to fit well.

Still, you can adjust the hook-back closure, too, to ensure the bra is fitting comfortably.


  • Comes in different colors: pink, peach, and lilac
  • A Variety of sizes for all breast sizes
  • Allows adjustability of straps for comfortability
  • Features elastic material to fit well in any body shape
  • Can be used during and after pregnancy


It is wireless; hence, may not favor some users

4. Anita Maternity Women’s Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra

Since Anita maternity women’s microfiber underwire nursing bra #5068 is made of 0% Elastane and 80% Nylon, it should be hand washed and not machine washed. This helps to retain its quality. The other thing is that you should not iron or dry-clean the bra. Further, we need to tell you that it is not acceptable to bleach it either.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

While it features a breathable material, this bra is also known to be smooth as well as light.

Definitely, breathability is one of the qualities nursing mothers look for. Why? As a nursing mother, if you use a bra that is not breathable, chances are that you might have infections on your nipples.

If you are that one mama who has a keen eye on colors, don’t worry. There are a variety of colors to choose from. Such include white, nude, and black.

Talking of support; the bra offers enough support to the breast. Nonetheless, it is not a perfect choice if you want to wear a light top or a t-shirt.


It is lightly padded. Thus, the nipples might show if you wear a light top/t-shirt.


  • Available in several colors
  • It’s breathable
  • Much comfortable
  • Offers great support to the breast


  • It’s light padded; hence, may show nipples
  • Cannot be machine washed

5. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Have you been looking for a bra that you can sleep in yet feel comfortable in? Kindred bravely French terry RacerBack bra is meant for women who have large busts, yet want to sleep in them. Why? They are lightweight.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

While sleeping, you can still access your breast by pulling aside one side. Since it has no hooks or elastics, it will easily pull aside and make you feel comfortable while you sleep.

What’s more? It is suitable for women who are pregnant as well as those who are breastfeeding.

Its material comprises 8% spandex and 92 percent rayon bamboo. Bamboo material makes the bra breathable. Hence, no need to worry about bacteria building around the nipples.

Talking of size; the available sizes range from X-small to XXL. These bras are also stretchy. However, they do not stretch much.

On hygiene, you can use cold water to machine-wash.

Nonetheless, allow a gentle cycle then set tumble dry to low. Did we say it is also suitable for older women? Well, now, you know.


  • Suitable for sleeping
  • Bamboo material is soft
  • They are breathable
  • Pulls aside easily
  • Many colors to choose from
  • It is stretchy


  • Does not lift the breasts since it has no underwire

6. Hotmilk Obsession Contour Nursing Bra

With sizes ranging from 32B to 42B, this is another bra that is suitable for women with large breasts. Featuring 6-hooks, an eye closure as well as extenders, and an A-frame design; this is a must-have. Decide when to buy it; whether when expectant or nursing, it will still fit comfortably. Why?

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

It has a Flexi-wire soft cup which accommodates your new breast size without trouble. To make it possible for mamas with big breasts to feel comfortable; the bra has wide straps for large cups.

Moreover, the breasts have drop-cups that require only one hand to access the nipples. Made of 84 percent nylon material; this bra comes in three colors. That is; jet black, nude, and aquamarine.

To ensure that your breasts don’t get into contact; the bra has spacer foam. That helps to give you that sexy look you desire to retain during your nursing days. Plus, it offers maximum support to the breasts.

In addition, it lifts the boobs. Its quality isn’t compromised. Hence, it lasts long. Nonetheless, due to the foam, never machine-wash.


  • Offers excellent support to the breasts
  • Available in three different colors
  • Drop-cups are easy to manage
  • Lifts boobs for a sexy body
  • Flexi-wire is suitable for consistently enlarging breasts
  • Has a spacer-foam


  • Not ideal for superactive mamas

7. Cake Maternity Women’s Nursing Bra With Underwire

Sport mamas; here’s one of the best nursing bras for large breasts. We will tell you why. To ensure that your breasts won’t bounce back while you do vigorous exercise; there’s a firm fabric between the breast cups.

In addition, the bra straps are wide enough to offer sufficient support to your breasts. Not only that, but the racer back also helps in giving maximum support to the upper body.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Thus, your breasts remain intact throughout the duration of the sport.

Additionally, the bra has a flexible wire which offers more support to the breasts. Plus, the wire lifts the breasts and separates them to keep them from touching each other, which might cause uneasiness due to friction. Lack of friction comes with another advantage; breathability.

Cake maternity women’s nursing bra stretches well so that you don’t have to worry when your boobs enlarge. That is to say; you can use it during the pregnancy days as well as the nursing ones.

The drop-cups are easy to manage using one hand for stress-free breastfeeding hours. Usually, these bras come in sizes 32B to 40L.


  • A great choice for sports mamas
  • Stretchy materials are suitable for steadily enlarging breasts
  • Under-wire offers good support during sports
  • Effectively separates breasts; thus, no friction
  • Easy to manage drop-cups


  • Pricey due to its great quality

8. Curve Muse Plus Size Nursing Cotton Unlined Wire-free Bra

Handle it with one hand, if you wish. Your baby will still have great access to the nipples. Plus, you don’t strain when breastfeeding. This is because Curve muse plus size nursing cotton unlined wire-free bra features a free clasp.

To allow maximum breathability; this bra is made of cotton, which amounts to 93 percent, and spandex, which is 7 percent.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

This bra has no underwire. Thus, most breastfeeding mamas agree that it is by far comfortable than most bras in the market.

Mothers with big busts also love the fact that they can adjust the straps whenever they want to. Due to its material, the bra is also easy to clean and dry.

Nonetheless, if you do not want to tamper with its quality, do not machine wash. Still, you should not dry-wash. Always hand-wash the bra and allow it to dry under the sun.


  • Adjustable straps
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to wash
  • Available in many sizes
  • Free-clasp requires only one hand to manage
  • No under-wire; thus, comfortable


  • Lack of under-wire may compromise support

9. DESIGNS Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and Maternity Bra

Handle it with one hand, if you wish. Your baby will still have great access to the nipples. Plus, you don’t strain when breastfeeding. This is because Curve muse plus size nursing cotton unlined wire-free bra features a free clasp.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

To allow maximum breathability; this bra is made of cotton, which amounts to 93 percent and spandex, which is 7 percent.

This bra has no underwire. Thus, most breastfeeding mamas agree that it is by far more comfortable than most bras on the market.

Mothers with big busts also love the fact that they can adjust the straps whenever they want to. Due to its material, the bra is also easy to clean and dry.

Nonetheless, if you do not want to tamper with its quality, do not machine wash it. Still, you should not dry-wash. Always hand-wash the bra and allow it to dry under the sun.


  • Offers excellent breast support
  • Suitable during and after pregnancy
  • Features full-drop-away cups
  • They stretch as your breasts grow bigger
  • Features removable cups


  • Not ideal for sport mamas

10. WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

Made purely from cotton, this is one of the bras that have unique features. First, it has top and front opening snaps. Do you know what that means? You can easily access the breasts when breastfeeding. Is that all? Definitely not. You can also unclip the bra without trouble because it is easy to move your hand to the middle to unclip.

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

WonderMoms bras are wireless. Nonetheless, that does not mean that they do not offer your breast excellent support; they do. Plus, they are also comfortable. Moreover, in case you need to adjust the straps, you can always do so.

As you may know, women with big breasts complain about the heavy weight on their shoulders, right? If you wear bras that have narrow straps, they will likely cause pain on your shoulders as well as leave marks.

To curb that, WonderMoms features thick straps. To be precise, they are ¾ inches. But there is one great feature we love about WonderMoms bras; they have a free band extender.

Why is this a great feature? Regardless of your body size, the bra will fit you well. All you need to do is extend the free band. No wonder, Wondermoms is the best bra for pregnant mamas with big busts. Still, they are the best nursing bras for large breasts.

On the downside, this bra is lightly padded, which may not favor mamas who wear light t-shirts.


  • Suitable for both pregnant and nursing mamas
  • Features extendable free-band
  • Supports breasts well
  • Its materials make it breathable
  • Has a front and top light pad for ease of breastfeeding


  • Being lightly padded may reveal nipples

Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts: What You Should Know Before Buying

It is one thing to know that you have big boobs, but it is another to know the best nursing bras for large breasts. In the real sense, it is far easier to get bras for small breasts than it is for large breasts.

In addition, buying the wrong bra for large breasts can make you feel uncomfortable. Plus, it can make the breastfeeding process such a tedious thing. Additionally, some bras might end up causing bacteria to build up on your breasts; thus, cause health issues.

That is why, in this review, we want to offload the burden on your back by giving you several tips to guide you on how to go about choosing the right nursing bras for large breasts.

a. Underwire

Bras that have an underwire provide excellent support for your breasts. Nonetheless, most women say that underwire causes lots of uneasiness; thus, they prefer bras without underwire.

If you are among those women who love the support that comes with the underwire, then you are good. However, ensure that you do not buy one that has a tight underwire.


The tight underwire will make it hard for your breast to produce enough milk. Let’s explain this further. Tight underwire blocks the milk ducts. As a result, there will be insufficient milk production for your baby.

So, if you love the underwire, be sure not to go for the tight ones. If you are concerned about the support of your breast, no trouble, you could buy other bras that do not have an underwire but still offer support. They are quite many in the market.

b. Design

Each bra comes with a unique design. As a nursing mother, you want one that will make it easy for you to breastfeed your baby even if you are in public or in sports, right? The secret is in design. Here’s what we are saying.

Check if the design allows the baby to reach the nipple comfortably without having to remove the entire bra.

Still, it should be possible only to use one hand to open the cup of the bra to breastfeed. Moreover, if you buy bras with different cups, you will be able to access one breast at a time.

Still, it is crucial to note that some of the nursing bras for large breasts allow you to unclip the bra and then fold the drop-down cup. As a result, your breast will continue to receive support from the A-frame underlayer nursing sling. Also, some parts of your breast will be covered, but the baby will comfortably access the nipple for milk.

Bras with this design give you great comfort. Plus, they are excellent for breastfeeding as they offer enough support to the breast during breastfeeding.

Otherwise, if you can’t afford bras with different cups, you could buy one that allows you to open the front part. This, however, allows you to access both breasts at the same time.

C. Soft Cups

Without any doubt, bras that have rough materials will cause lots of discomfort. You might end up getting embarrassed in public as you try to soothe your nipples. You don’t have to go through this mess.

The best nursing bras for large breasts should have soft cups.

You see, during the nursing period, breasts are usually sensitive. Hence, buying a bra with a soft cup will make you feel comfortable.

 d. Materials

Even if you are buying the best nursing bras for large breasts, one thing is for sure, they all come in different materials to favor different customers. So, choose the material you are comfortable using. Of course, there are many materials out there. However, the most common ones are nylon, spandex, and cotton.

If you love sports, then consider a bra that will absorb sweat effectively. In addition, remember most bras cannot be machine washed. So, be sure to choose a material that is easy to wash. That helps a lot due to the baby’s hygiene issues.

e. Breathability

If you have a newborn, you bear me witness that most times, you can’t control milk leakage through your bra, right? What’s more? Most mothers feel embarrassed, especially if they are working as they nurse. As a result, they want to stop the leakage.

That’s okay, and it is possible. You can buy bras that feature a plastic lining. It will stop the leakage perfectly well. However, this is not safe.


Since you are confining the milk, it will continue to leak and cause bacteria to grow. That will affect both you and your kid’s health. The other thing is that these bras are not breathable. Therefore, avoid them.

In place of such plastic linings, buy bras that have more padding. The material of this pad, however, should have the ability to absorb liquid. That way, there will be no liquid around the nipples.

f. Sizing

Well, this is obvious. However, we have decided to mention it because, at times, seeing many products with good colors and excellent designs makes people forget to consider some other crucial factors. So, be sure to consider the size of the bra.

If it is the first time you are nursing, or you are expecting a baby and wants to buy the best nursing bras for large breast in advance, it might be hard to tell the right size. Why?

Usually, your breasts will grow bigger than usual because of milk.

Our advice would be to wait until you have conceived to determine the best size.

If you want to buy online, you could go to a retailer to check on the right size to order the perfect size that won’t have issues later.

Now, when choosing, ensure that the bra is fitting. That is to say, it is not tight, and it is not too loose. Not too tight so as not to interfere with the flow of milk.

A tight bra affects the flow of milk, and the baby might not get enough milk. Loose bras, on the other hand, will make you feel uncomfortable since the breasts will not be steady. As a result, you might have issues with your back due to shagging bra.

Benefits of Buying the Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Usually, women with big breasts complain due to various reasons. One of them includes too much weight on their back. Also, big breasts make it difficult to do sports. That means; if you just delivered, the weight of your boobs has increased, and doing sports might cause pain in your boobs.

Hence, buying bras with an underwire can help solve these weight issues as the wire gives enough support to your breasts.

Also, big boobs make breastfeeding a challenge. Worse, if you are not careful, you might make the baby suffocate. Really? Yes! This is why. Big boobs cover the face of the baby. As a result, the baby might not be in a position to breathe comfortably; thus, it might suffocate while breastfeeding.

This is why having breast cups is crucial.

When is the Appropriate Time to Buy the Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts?

Different sources will give you different answers on the best time to buy nursing bras for large breasts. This might be contradicting. However, we will give realistic information to help you determine when the best time to make the purchase is.

First, different bodies behave differently. That is, some bodies grow fast during pregnancy, while others grow at a slow rate. If you are in the former category, it would not be applicable to buy one bra for your big breasts and use it for several months or until delivery. That isn’t possible. You will need a bra that will hold your big boobs for one semester then buy a bigger one for the next semester.

The latter may be a bit better because you can buy a bra during your last pregnancy semester and use it during nursing if the size of your boobs hasn’t increased much.

Alternatively, regardless of the rate at which your breasts grow, you could invest in a seamless bra. Why?

These bras are stretchy, and they will accommodate any size of breasts. However, you should buy one that is of your size so that when your boobs increase, it will stretch and accommodate the new size without making you feel uncomfortable.

Usually, these seamless bras come in XS-XXL sizes. Each of these sizes has several cups of different sizes. Hence, they will serve you during that time when your body is changing tremendously.

With such a bra, you can buy your best nursing bras for large breasts at any time you want and use them for quite some time.

Nonetheless, take time to explore the seamless bras available in the market before purchasing since they are different and possess different features.

The Parting Line

Whether you are expecting a child soon or are nursing, you now know some of the best nursing bras for large breasts to purchase. If you love sports, don’t allow nursing days to keep you grounded. Buy a sports bra for active mamas with a big bust.

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However, be careful when buying. Each of the factors we have shared in this review is necessary.