5 Best Plus Size Bras for Back Fat

5 Best Plus Size Bras for Back Fat

Your bra should look great on you from the front, sides, and back too. You should be able to wear a thin top without flesh protruding at the back.

Getting the best plus size bras for back fat will solve the problem of an unattractive look on your back. The best bra for back fat should have wide straps and band, front closure, soft material, and a U-back design to give an even look at the back.

You don’t have to go through the task of searching for the bras with the mentioned qualities in a market full of endless designs of bras. In this article, I have a list of the five best plus-size bras for back fat.

Best Plus Size Bras for Back Fat

1. Vanity Fair Women’s Full Coverage Beauty Back Smoothing Bra

Vanity Fair women’s wireless bra is made of nylon and spandex making a comfy and highly stretchable bra.

It is a wire-free bra but offers adequate support to the boobs. It has a seamless design for a smooth look under the clothes.

The straps are adjustable at the front and are placed closer to the shoulders to ensure they stay in place. The cups offer full coverage to prevent spillage and are lightly lined for modesty.

The bra has a 4-way stretch fabric which assists in smoothening the back fat. Should only be hand-washed.


  • The straps stay in place.
  • Stretchable material.
  • It smoothens back fat.


  • Hand-washed only.

2. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra 

This bra is made of smooth material for relaxation and comfort.

The cups are not highly padded making them lightweight and do not lock sweat inside. The cups are molded and adorned with floral patterns.

It has a front closure for easier fastening and better smoothening of the back fat as it is not broken by the clasps.

It has cushion-tipped straps to minimize pressure on the shoulders, they are also fully adjustable. It has encased underwire which adds support and alleviates rib pains caused by poking wires.

It has a U-design at the back to guarantee comfort all day long. It has an added advantage in that it minimizes the breasts by up to 1 3/4” for a slimmer look.

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  • Front fastening.
  • Breathable material.
  • U-design.
  • Cushion-tipped underwire and straps.


  • Hand wash only

3. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra

This bra has a front slide and snaps closure which is secure and easy to fasten.

It is suitable for women with arthritis so they don’t have to strain stretching their hands at the back.

It features a unique cushioned comfort band to prevent the underwire from poking the ribs.

This bra has beautiful stretch lace at the top of the cups. The straps are stretchable and adjustable so you can modify them to your desired size.

The T-back design helps in ensuring that the straps are not seen under clothing, added comfort, and hides the back fat. The cups offer full coverage for modesty and it is also a full-figure bra.

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  • T-back design.
  • Front closure.
  • Cushioned comfort band.


  • Hand wash only.

4. Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra

This bra features wide straps so you do not have to worry about bra dents on your shoulders or straps falling off your shoulders.

It is wire-free and offers moderate support to the breasts.

It is not visible under clothing and keeps the back fat in place giving you a smooth look. It is lightweight and is recommendable for travel. Made of smooth fabric for more relaxation.


  • Lightweight.
  • Wide straps.
  • Extra side and back coverage


  • Not true to size.

5. Warner’s Women’s Cloud 9 Underwire Contour Full Coverage Bra

This bra offers full coverage to the breasts to prevent spillage. The fabric is soft and light to give a whole day’s comfort.

The straps are adjustable in the front for a better fit.

It has a heavy underwire for added support and lifts. It has a U-design at the back for smoothening your back a giving you a sleek look.


  • Soft fabric.
  • Full coverage cups.
  • Adjustable straps.


  • Not durable.

FAQs on Bras for Back Fat

What causes bra back fat?

Bra back fat is caused by natural reasons or by wearing an ill-fitting bra. If you wear a small bra or a bra with a tight band, the back fat will protrude forming bumps that show under your clothing.

You can still have bra back fat even when wearing a fitting bra. This happens when you have fat accumulating near your boobs or on the upper back. The fat will stick out when you wrap a bra around them.  

Will walking help get rid of back fat?

Walking will help you to lose weight but not necessarily target back fat. It is a good exercise that will help reduce body weight but it should go hand in hand with healthy eating.

Why does my bra show back fat?

It can be that you have tightened the straps so much making the band ride up along with the skin. It can also be caused by the tightness of the band, ill-fitting bra, or the shape of the bra which is not fit for your breasts.

Indeed, you cannot eliminate your back fat by just wearing a bra, but the above best plus size bras for back fat will help you enhance your look and make you more comfortable.

Remember that even though these bras are for concealing back fat, wear the correct size (accept your size and don’t try to go even a size down) and a smooth back you will get.