Bra Under Sports Bra: Do You Really Need That Extra Bra?

Bra Under Sports Bra: Do You Really Need That Extra Bra?

Where did the myth of wearing a bra under sports bra originate from? Was it from some women who had small boobs trying to enlarge them? Was it the need to curb the movement of the breasts when having a sports event? Could it be a lack of fitting sports bra?

Well, while we may not have the exact answer as to why anyone would want to wear another bra under a sports bra, it is paramount to know that wearing too many bras can be disastrous to your health.

What you really need is the right sports bra.

The best sports bra offers maximum support to your breasts so that they move not when you are doing vigorous exercises. Also, these bras keep you comfortable all day; thus, making your sporting day more exciting. With that,  you get to enjoy all the benefits of wearing a well-fitting bra.


Which is the Best Sports Bra You Can Buy?

1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women

Do you engage in multiple sports activities such as weight lifting, yoga, running, or pilates? No need to wear two bras during your sporting activities. What you need is a FITTIN Racerback sports bra.

With this bra, you never worry about sweating too much since its material is breathable. Besides, their ventilation makes them suitable for use even in those crazy-hot days.

Not only that, but the bra is well padded. As such, your breasts get firmer. Worth noting is that these 3D pads can be removed. Removing the pads makes the bra-cleaning task stress-free. It is recommended to hand wash the bra so as to retain its high quality.

Due to their wide straps, the bra exerts no pressure on your shoulders. Besides, since there are no rims, comfort is not compromised. Also, the pull-on closure makes the bra fit perfectly well, even if you have a big bust.

What about sizing? Just order a bra of your size since the sizing is quite accurate. And, there are a variety of sizes and colors to pick from. So, you have no excuse as to why you should wear another bra under a sports bra.

With a composition of spandex (8%), nylon (62%), and polyester (30%), you can be assured of its top-notch quality.


  • Suitable for big boobs.
  • The sizing is accurate.
  • The material is breathable.
  • Removable padding makes washing easy.
  • Perfect choice for any sporting activity.


  • Some customers say it is too stretchy.

2. Fruit of the Loom (3 pack) Sports Bra

Looking for a cheaper alternative than the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras?  Buy the Fruit of the Loom (3-pack) Sports Bra. If you hardly want to get into contact with water for whatever reasons and want a bra that is machine washable, then think of no other bra other than this one.

It offers supreme support to your breasts without compromising your comfort. Do also note that the bra gives your chest a smooth adorable look. It is made of cotton (95 percent) and spandex (5 percent). It features a height of 0.7 inches. The width, on the other hand, is 14 inches. Thus, the bra is good for people with a small or medium chest.

With a pull-on closure, it is easy to wear the bra without anyone’s assistance. As such, it is not only a good choice for sportswomen but also for women who have back problems or other chronic issues that make moving difficult.

This is one of the best bras you should think of if you don’t love underwires. Nonetheless, they are not padded hence most people may not be comfortable with them.

The good thing though, is that they are easy to clean. Plus, they dry fast.


  • They give a nice appearance.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Dries fast.
  • Easy to wear since it is a pull-on bra.


  • No underwire.
  • Not padded.

3. Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

Often, sportswomen get rashes because of sweating too much. This happens due to wearing tight bras or bras that have no ventilation. To curb this, the manufacturers of panache women’s sports bras designed a bra that has ventilation mesh panels around the bust and the shoulders.

This feature also helps to keep you comfortable even on hot sports days.

Even so, when ordering this bra, ensure that you use the UK sizing so as to get the right bra. What we loved most about this bra is that it has an underwire. Your breasts, therefore, stay in place when you are jumping, jogging, riding, or doing any other sports activity.

To give you a gorgeous look; the bra has a smooth shape. Also, it comes in diverse colors so you pick what matches your workout pants. For sufficient support, the bar has wide shoulder straps. More so, the straps are cushioned to eliminate the chances of having rushes after a long day of workouts.

To ensure you never tamper with the quality of the bras, avoid machine washing. Many manufacturers are now trying to design counter-fake bras. Don’t fall for that trap. Ensure that your bar has a logo on the front band when making an order.

Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra is made of polyamide (48%), polyester (38 percent), and elastane (14%). The bra also has a hook and eye closure.


  • Available in many colors.
  • Offers excellent support to the breasts.
  • High-quality; hence durable.
  • Ventilation mesh allows breathability.
  • Wide shoulder straps.


  • Sizing is in UK.

4. Freya Women’s Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra

With the Freya women’s active sports bra, you do not need to wear a bra under a sports bra. This bra does not limit your sporting activities regardless of how rigorous it is and for how long you do it.

This is why.

The bra has inner slings. Not only that, but it also features racerback. The racers are also adjustable. This is made possible and easy by the slide hook feature. Hence, in case you are uncomfortable for whatever reasons, just adjust them.

Since it takes just a few minutes to clean the bra, it is preferable to hand-wash it. Do you sweat a lot during sports activities? Worry not! This bra has breathable spacer molded fabric cups.

If you are looking for a spacer bra, then this is definitely the bra to-go-for.

Freya offers medium coverage and it features an underwire that is highly effective in supporting breasts. If you need a bra that is 1 inch high and 8 inches wide, this is without a doubt a good pick.

Did we mention that the inner Coolmax supports are soft? That’s why you will always be comfortable and attentive to the activities you are engaging in.

Nonetheless, if you have side fat, avoid this bra and buy the side fat bra.


  • The bra is soft on the body.
  • Is breathable.
  • Offers excellent breast support.
  • Keeps you comfortable.
  • The underwire doesn’t poke in.
  • The bottom band is flat and soft.


  • Not good for women with side fat.

5. Women’s Nike Swoosh Sports Bra

Women’s Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is comfortable, and they come in different sizes as well as colors. When jumping, jogging, or doing similar activities, breasts tend to bounce a lot. Therefore, you need a bra that compresses the breasts.

Such is the Nike sports bra. Not only that, but this bra also gives your breasts the support they deserve. If you, therefore, engage in vigorous activities, this is the bra for you.

Though the pads cannot be removed, the bra can be machine washed without worrying about tempering its quality.

Sweating, which is inevitable during sporting causes body odor. Although body spray works wonders in eliminating such odor, you don’t need perfume with this bra.


Nike bra features a dry fit technology.

That is to say that the bra has an inner lining as well as an outer body. These features help pull sweat from your body. As a result, your skin stays dry and comfortable all day long. Besides, the lining is made of jersey material. Hence, highly effective in pulling all sweat.


  • Pulls all sweat thanks to the Dri-FIT feature.
  • Machine washing doesn’t tamper with its quality.
  • The pull-over design makes the bra good even for the elderly.
  • Supportive cups curbs bouncing of breasts.


  • Cups not removable

How Do You Pick The Best out of the List?

1. Wide Straps

Wide straps tend to offer your breasts sufficient support. Narrow straps, on the other hand, especially for big boobs, can cause lots of strain on the shoulders. Nevertheless, it would be best if you picked bras that have wide padded straps.

2. Underwire

Though not always, bras with an underwire tend to offer great support. However, ensure that the underwire does not poke in. In addition, it should allow each breast to be independent and comfortable in its cup.

3. Brand

Some brands have a good reputation due to the quality of the bras. So, look for brands with a reputation for manufacturing durable bras that offer excellent support. In addition, check what other customers say about that brand. Past customers are likely to share their true experiences with the product.

4. Cups

Excellent breast cups are those that enclose the entire breast without leaving any spaces. Still, they should not feel too tight since breasts should have a sufficient flow of blood, especially when sporting.

If the cups leave unfilled spaces, then they will not be effective in curbing bounce.

5. Back Closure

One of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a sports bra is the ability to modify it when it becomes a little bit looser. A back closure helps in tightening the bra at the back to make it fit excellently. As such, there will be no need for a bra under a sports bra.

Plus, the back closure helps in ensuring that the boobs are firm regardless of the strenuous activities you will be doing.

Bra Under Sports Bra- Is it necessary?

If you have been wearing two bras to feel comfortable, prevent the boobs from jumping, or for any other reasons, try out one of the bras we have listed above.

We guarantee you that you will never have to worry about the best bras for sport. Just in case you are still undecided on the right bra to buy, we recommend you buy the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women.

You will equally be comfortable with our second-best option; Fruit of the Loom Women’s Built-Up Sports Bra.

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