5 Best Bras for Elderly with Dementia

5 Best Bras for Elderly with Dementia

Dementia is mostly characterized by loss of memory and difficulties in solving problems.

This means you have to provide the affected person with a bra that is convenient for her. Thus, bras for elderly with dementia should be easy to wear and take off, supportive, wireless, and with less padding.

Finding the right bra for your elderly parent can be challenging, but not anymore! Here is our in-depth review of the best bra for the elderly with dementia to help you choose the perfect bra for her.

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Bras for Elderly with Dementia- Review

1. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Bra

The Carole Martin Full-Freedom bra is made of soft material which gives the body a soothing effect. It has no padding and underwire hence, guaranteed comfort. The straps are wide reducing the burden on the shoulders hence no back pains.

It has a front eye and hook closure making it a convenient bra for the elderly to clasp and unclasp. What’s more, this bra offers light to medium support, just what the elderly want.

Carole Martin Front Closure Bra is not visible under your clothes. Also, it is your perfect to-go bra for all occasions, be it sports, leisure, or official wear.

The underband is small thus applying pressure below the breasts.


  • Comes in actual sizing
  • Wide straps.
  • Soft material.


  • Narrow underband

2. Silverts Disabled Elderly Needs Womens Front Closure Cotton Bra

Silverts Disabled Elderly Front Closure Bra is made of 100% cotton making it more comfortable and smooth.

The straps are wide making them perfect for larger breasts. It has no underwire, so no need to worry about a poking wire.

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In addition, this bra features a front closure for ease of putting on and taking off, for elderly people with dementia.

Also, it comes along with large loops for easy grasping. This bra is available for all breast sizes and shapes. The straps are not adjustable therefore, not ideal for women with long shoulders.  


  • Made of pure cotton
  • Front closure
  • Large loops


  • The straps are not adjustable

3. Women’s Snap Front Closure Luxury Wireless Comfort Bra 

The Women’s Snap Front Closure Bra is made with soft cotton/spandex and has the required stretch. It has a front closure with four snaps to ensure that there is no struggle closing at the back. Best for elderly with issues with arm mobility.

This Luxurious Wireless Comfort Bra features wide straps for added support. It comes in many sizes and blends well under a normal outfit.

What’s more, it has no underwires and is easy to clean. It lacks padding making it light and comfortable.

The bra offers the utmost comfort that one can wear it the whole day and sleep in it too.

The underband is narrow.


  • No underwires.
  • No padding.
  • Wide straps.


  • The snaps can be too tight when closed, making it hard to unsnap.

4. N NAANSI Everyday Bras – Women Soft Breathable Bra

N NAANSI Everyday Bra is made of soft comfy material which makes the skin refreshed. It is made with no underwires for more relaxation.

This bra features wide straps with a U- shaped back, minimizing the wearing pressure on the shoulders. It has a front closure for ease of putting it on and off.

It is fit for indoor or outdoor sports and can also be worn after surgery.

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  • Soft fabric.
  • Wide straps.
  • The back is designed in a U-shape.


  • Some users report that it runs small in size.

5. Just My Size Women’s Super Sleek Front-Close Wirefree Bra

Just My Size Women’s Front-close Bra is made of seamless 2- ply cups, this gives the breasts a great shape and reduces visibility under clothes.

This bra features side panels that add lift and contains side budges. Significantly, it has a front closure making wearing it easy.

In addition, the bra is designed with wide straps which are padded for added comfort. The Super Sleek Wirefree bra has no underwire but features shaped cups.

This bra runs small in size and you have to go a size up.


  • Wide and padded straps.
  • Side panels
  • Not visible under clothing.


  • The straps are minimally adjustable.

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FAQs Bras for Elderly with Dementia

How do you organize clothes for dementia patients?

Their closet should not have excess clothes. If possible give them two preferences to choose from.
Choose comfortable and simple outfits for them, they should be easy to wear and remove. The clothes should be arranged in order i.e. starting from what should be worn first to the last one.

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What kinds of activities are good for dementia patients?

You can keep your dementia patient active by involving her in various activities such as art, music, games, and physical exercises as well as engaging in daily routine.
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The above bras for elderly with dementia cater to the needs of the elderly with dementia to the fullest.

The wide straps, easy closure, and lightweight will make dementia patients comfortable and relaxed all day long.

When it is time to remove them, they will be off within no time.