5 Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breast

5 Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breast

Are you looking for a bra that offers a perfect and natural lift to your small boobs? You should get breast enhancement bras for small breast.

The breast enhancement bras not only offer lift and support to your ‘twins’ but are also comfortable.

Here is our list of the best enhancement bras for your small boobs.

Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breast

1. CalvinKlein Women’s Perfectly Fit Memory Touch

CalvinKlein Women’s Perfectly Fit bra is arguably the best t-shirt bra as voted by the New York Magazine. This bra features memory foam technology thus, molds perfectly into your body shape creating a perfect lift for your small breasts for that enhanced look.

I love the softness and comfort that this bra offers. This is made possible by its velvety soft fabric comprising nylon (72%) and elastane (28%). Also, this coziness is a result of its lightly lined cups that uses memory touch.

Remember, the memory touch feature is also responsible for the bra’s perfect fit.

The CalvinKlein women’s bra also features a double-layered wide band that enhances its invincibility and soft support. The double cups offer your boobs full coverage and bring them closer together to prevent unwanted cleavage space.

What’s more, the bra’s band perfectly fits around the body.

On the downside, some users report that the straps keep on falling off.


  • Creates a personalized lift for small breasts to look bigger.
  • Soft and comfortable thus won’t cause any skin irritations.
  • Does not show up even under your tinniest t-shirt.


  • The straps keep on falling off.

2. Hanes Women’s Comfy Support

Hanes women’s convertible is your to-go-bra especially if you are not only looking for a breast enhancement bra but also valuing the bra’s comfort.

The bra features a ComfortFlex 4-way stretch fabric that allows you to have a perfect fit, taking in your natural shape. What’s more, it prevents any space between your twins and the cups thus lifting your bras perfectly.

When it comes to coziness, this bra features a super soft fabric comprising nylon, polyester, and spandex. Note that the material is skin-friendly.

In addition, the cups are brushed inside to offer your breast the utmost comfort.


  • A versatile bra that allows for crisscross or normal design.
  • A perfect-fitting bra thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric.  


  • Some customers report that its fabric lining tends to wrinkle over time.

3. Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Embellished- Best Push-up Bra

Maidenform Women’s bra is an ideal bra for your small chest. Push-up bras are designed to enhance the shape of your breasts and Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Embellished bra does precisely that.

While some push-up bras squeeze your boobs together leaving them suffocated and stiff, this Maidenform push bra guarantees you the utmost comfort. Its bottom padded shelf cups lift your ‘twins’ well, creating a nice cleavage while leaving your breasts with a natural shape (a rounder, fuller shape).

What’s more, its fabric is super soft on the inside and outside leaving your body with a luxurious feel. It is also made of lightweight material and subtle padding such that you can barely feel it.

You will also love its sensuous plunge neckline. 

On the downside, while most bras have their straps fixed in between the brand’s fabric, the Maidenform’s bra is placed just below the band. Therefore, the straps tend to rub against your skin causing irritation.


  • Subtle padding for utmost comfort.
  • Lightweight and soft fabric, you can barely feel it.
  • Flexible push-up bra.
  • The bra’s band suits any skin type even the most sensitive one.


  • Causes skin irritation as a result of the positioning of the straps just below the band.

4. Niidor Adhesive Sticky invisible Push up Bra

Wondering what to wear with your backless dress, your underneath top, or even plunging necklines for that special occasion? Niidor Sticky adhesive bra will save you the day.

The Niidor sticky push-bra features a silicone gel that sticks to your skin when adhered gently, therefore keeping the bra securely. Note that this gel is skin-friendly and thus won’t cause any harm.

Just like any push bra, this bra lifts your small boobs and brings them closer together giving them desired prominence.

It also features a stick-on with a front buckle closure right at the center thus creating an amazing cleavage without showing your nipples or seams.

Note that this Niidor sticky bra offers you flexibility and won’t restrict movements.

One drawback though, it does not do well under hot weather since the adhesive becomes weak when it comes into contact with sweat.


  • Enhances your small breasts while creating great cleavage.
  • The sticky adhesive is gentle even on sensitive skin.
  • The bra’s clasp is high and thus, does not rub against your skin. 


  • Not suitable for sporty activities or hot weather.

5. Warner Women’s Easy Does It No Dig Wire-Free

If you are looking for a bra that will not only enhance your small breasts but also offer you the utmost comfort without digging into your skin, then you should consider Warner Women’s Easy Does it No Dig Wire.

This Warner’s No dig Wire bra features a stretchy fabric that comprises nylon and spandex thus comfortably taking your natural shape. Also, the bra features a wide band that rests smoothly on your skin.

What’s more, you do not have to go through the struggle of adjusting your bra from the back since you can comfortably adjust the straps from the front. How convenient is that!

Are you tired of wearing your bra straps in a regular way? Not anymore, with this bra, you get to fix the straps in a criss-cross way using its easy snaps. The bra comes in versatile sizes and offers you a secure fit.

Also, I love the fact that it is a seamless bra and thus won’t show through your clothes.

On the flip side though, some clients report that the wide band tends to bunch up and won’t stay put.


  • Offers your breast plenty of support.
  • Comfortable and fits perfectly.
  • Offers you great cleavage thanks to its low scoop design at the front.
  • Easy to wash.


  • The wide band tends to roll up but only if it is too tight.

Best Bra Type for Small Breasts

1. Push-Up Bra

Most ladies with small breasts cannot miss a push-up bra in their intimate wear collection.

Push-up bras are specially designed to offer your ‘twins’ a natural lift.

What’s more, this bra makes your bust appear fuller thanks to the silicone gel or foam on the inside, that lifts and supports your breasts’ tissue thus increasing their volume.

In addition, push-up bras lift your breasts upwards and bring them closer to the center of your chest to create natural cleavage. 

2. Instant cup lift bra

Refers to a stylish yet comfortable bra that offers a great boost to your boobs by increasing its cup size.

What’s more, the instant cup lift bra is flexible and with an aesthetic appeal.

3. T-shirt bra

A T-shirt bra is your to-go bra whenever you want to put on a seamless bra. You can put it on with your thinnest top without showing.

This bra can either be molded or with barely-there seams. Also, T-shirt bras do not feature any lace or embroidery on their cups for a smooth look.

The T-shirt bra is lightly padded thus a plus for breast enhancement, while also preventing your nipples from showing through.

4. Wireless bra

A wireless bra refers to a bra that depends on the fabric cut and specialized stitching to offer your ‘twins’ lift and support that they need. It offers support to your breasts in two ways:

  • Through an inner sling that lifts your breasts.
  • Through an additional fabric found on the straps or the bra’s bands.

Wireless bras are designed to enhance your chest’s natural shape rather than create.

This type of bra is comfortable to wear and supports proper circulation. Also, the wireless bra is suitable for wearing during the pregnancy period and postpartum. 

5. Strapless bra

The strapless bra is a fashionable type of bra that features an additional back band that offers your breasts the necessary support by spreading your boobs’ weight across your body.

It also features a lengthy underwire with extra padding, shaping panels, and boning to enhance your small breasts by increasing their volume.

Strapless bras are best worn with off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or no-shoulder garments.

FAQs on Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Boobs

How do I choose a bra for small breasts?

Choose a full-coverage bra since it offers your small breasts a natural lift and shape. Also, you may want to consider push-up bras, padded bras, and wireless bras.

Which type of bra will make my small breasts look bigger?

A Push-up bra will make your small breasts look bigger by offering an instant lift while bringing your breasts together for that gorgeous cleavage.

Is a sports bra good for enhancing my small breasts?

No. Sports bras tend to flatten a woman’s bust and thus are not suitable for enhancing your small ‘twins’