What is the Average Bra Size for 25 Year Old?

A 25-year-old is a young adult. But is there a standard bra size for all women at this age? A bra is an intimate item that comes with a cost; you should never go wrong with size when purchasing one. Some stores can make it worse by failing to offer returns or exchanges. This read will help you avoid making […]

How to Stop Nipples from Showing through Sports Bra- 7 Ways

Women love to put on a sports bra when exercising or during sporting activities as they offer support, comfort, and minimize breast movement. But do you know that nipple show-through can be both embarrassing and distracting during workouts? To help you stay focused during your workouts, we give you several tips on how to stop nipples from showing through sports […]

Maternity Bra Vs Nursing Bra: The Ultimate Guide

Maternity and nursing bras are essential for new and expectant mothers but are they the same, and do they serve the same or different purposes? Are you pregnant or already blessed with a baby and wondering what type of bra to go for between the two? You would want to distinguish between maternity and nursing bras to buy one that […]

What is a Shelf Bra? Everything You Should Know!

The different bra types are distinguished by their assigned names; Push up bras, sports bras, minimizer bras, side fat bras, etc. The bra names largely offer insight into what the bra is about. And that is not different with a shelf bra. If you are thinking of purchasing a shelf bra or already own one, you would want to understand […]

12 Types of Bras for Breast Shape

Did you know that there is a wide range of bras each designed for a specific breast size and shape? Whether you have asymmetric, teardrop, wide-set, or east-west girl breast shapes, there is a bra type for every breast shape. Remember, the perfect bra for you will depend on your individual breast shape and size, as well as your personal […]

The Ultimate Guide to Training Bra Size for 10 Year Old

A 10-year-old is a preteen, also known as a tween. At this point, your girl is transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Lots of changes are taking place, both physical and mood-wise. One of the most notable physical changes is the development of breasts. That would mean that in no time, she would need a bra; preferably a training bra initially. […]

What is the Average Bra Size for 14 Year Old?

Girls’ breasts start to develop as early as eight (8) years old to as late as thirteen (13) years. Notably, for a 14-year-old, breasts are still in the development process, especially, for late bloomers. Generally, breasts take 3 to 5 years to mature. The variance in breast development implies that a 14-year-old’s bra size varies depending on her body’s growth, […]

What is the Average Bra Size for a 12 Year Old Girl?

It can be a daunting task shopping for a bra for a 12-year-old girl especially if it is her first bra. You need to determine her bra size, identify the best bra type for her and also find out the factors to put into consideration when shopping for a 12-year-old girl. Amidst all these, getting the correct bra size is […]

How to Wear a Bralette to School in 8 Stylish Ways

Bralettes are fashionable and flexible to be styled for all occasions; work, school, a night out, or the gym. They also keep your breasts feeling amazingly comfortable and well-supported. Wearing a bralette to school only requires you to be creative in how you wear it and the clothes you pair it with. You can wear a bralette to high school, […]

7 Best Tops to Wear with Lace Bralette

Lace bralettes are becoming the perfect wear for every day. This requires one to have many options on tops to wear with lace bralette. Lace bralettes are not only comfortable to wear but also exceptionally pretty. While a lace bralette can be worn on its own as a top, it looks amazing when worn under another top. The lace bralette […]