How to Stop Nipples from Showing through Sports Bra- 7 Ways

How to Stop Nipples from Showing through Sports Bra- 7 Ways

Women love to put on a sports bra when exercising or during sporting activities as they offer support, comfort, and minimize breast movement. But do you know that nipple show-through can be both embarrassing and distracting during workouts?

To help you stay focused during your workouts, we give you several tips on how to stop nipples from showing through sports bra. From wearing a bra with thicker fabric and little padding, choosing darker colored bra to a lined or double-layer sports bra, etc.

By following these tips, you will feel confident and comfortable during your workout sessions without worrying about nipple show-through.

How to Stop Nipples from Showing through Sports Bra

1. Sports bra with little padding or thicker fabric

Some sports bras feature little padding inserts that may be removable or permanent. Also, other bras are designed with thicker fabric.

Such sports bras provide more coverage shielding your nipples from showing through. What’s more, they offer your breasts extra coverage and support.

2. Double layer

Did you know that double-layer sports bras not only suit women with larger breasts who need extra support but also those who require additional coverage to prevent nipple show-through?

Double-layer sports bras refer to bras that feature two layers of fabric. What you get from a 2-layer bra is extra coverage and support, moisture absorption, and prevention of sweat from showing through the fabric.

When choosing a double-layer sports bra, consider a bra that does not feature too thick or heavy fabrics. This is because such fabrics tend to be uncomfortable when worn during workouts. Also, consider bras made from breathable fabrics as they wick away moisture leaving you feeling cool and comfortable, during workouts or sports.

3. Lined

Wearing a lined sports bra is another option for preventing nipples from showing through. Lined bras feature an additional layer of fabric thus its ability to prevent nipple show-through.

What I love most about lined bras is that it features lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable throughout your sporting sessions/exercise.

When choosing a lined sports bra, ensure it features smooth, seamless lining eliminating any lumps or bumps from showing through your clothing.

Lined sports bras are a great choice for sensitive skin as they do not trigger skin irritation or discomfort.

4. Contour/ Molded cup

Molded/contour sports bras refer to bras that don’t feature a lot of padding but have thick cup fabric solid enough to hinder nipple show-through. The padding could be stitched-in or removable.

A contour bra especially features a thin layer of foam on its cup that prevents the nipple from showing through. In addition, the foam also gives your bust a smooth shape; it could be a rounder and more lifted look.

What’s more, molded cups are designed to offer more support and coverage. Although it features seamless fabric, its cups contain seams responsible for the extra support.

Just like any other sports bra, consider a contour or molded bra whose material is breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight to suit your sporting activity.

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5. Cover nipples using tape

Another way to stop nipples from showing through a sports bra is by covering your nipples using tape. While it is not a popular method, some women still opt for this.

Note that the tape cover will likely cause your body to sweat more as you engage in your sporting activity, therefore, choose a breathable tape. Most importantly, make sure to use medical-grade adhesive tape specifically, sports tape.

Further, when applying the tape, ensure to use the least amount of tape. 

Before applying the tape to your nipple, cleanse to remove oil and excess moisture so that the tape can stick well. Also, if you have sensitive skin, put some padding under the tape to prevent feeling hurt when removing the tape.

6. Put on a top over the sports bra

Layering your bra with an additional layer of coverage helps stop the nipples from showing through. A loose t-shirt or tank top works perfectly in blurring your nipples.

When choosing a top, consider print-on as opposed to monochrome tops since they create an optical illusion that obscures any protrusion. Neutral tops, on the other hand, highlight the shape of your bust, therefore, enhancing the visibility of your nipples.

Wearing a layer over a sports bra also helps to absorb sweat from your body keeping you cool and comfortable.

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7. Choose a dark-colored sports bra

Dark-colored bras tend to camouflage your nipples preventing them from being visible unlike light-colored bras, such as white and pink. Black, navy blue, and purple sports bras are some of my go-to bras.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I keep my nipples from showing in my sports bra?

While there are several effective tips to keep nipples invisible in a sports bra, the best way is to put on a sports bra made of thicker material and a little padding.

Which bra is best for not showing nipples?

A padded sports bra is arguably the best type of sports bra that hides nipples thanks to its padding nature. It is designed with padded cups while some feature foam pockets, where you place your removable pad inserts.

How do you hide nipples in a non-padded sports bra?

You can use nipple covers or put on loose dark-colored tops made of thick fabric. In addition, if possible sew an additional layer on the inner side of the bra cup, of the non-padded sports bra.

Additional Questions

How do you hide your nipples in a sports bra?

One simple and effective way to prevent your nipples from showing through your sports bra is to use a **pastie or nipple cover**. This method works exceptionally well for bras with thin fabric or lacy texture. Simply put, you just need to apply the pastie over your nipples before you put on your sports bra. Now, you can comfortably wear your favorite thinner bras without the constant worry of nipple visibility. If you’re someone who prefers not to use pasties, you could consider going for a **nipple concealing bralette**.

How do you not show nipples with a bra?

This can be a concern for many and I’d tell you from my own experience that it can be easily tackled. **Choosing bras that are lined or padded** is a great through and through method to prevent your nipples from showing. These types of bras provide an additional layer of coverage that effectively hide your nipples. I’d also suggest using silicone nipple covers for increased concealment. They’re comfortable to wear and do a great job of masking any high beams. Lastly, you could look for bras that have a pattern or texture, as these can help camouflage any nipple protrusion.