How to Wear a Bralette Modestly in 8 Easy Ways

How to Wear a Bralette Modestly in 8 Easy Ways

Gone are the days when one could bear wearing an uncomfortable bra all day. Bralettes have gained wide popularity for how comfortable they are. But even as more women embrace bralettes, the issue of how to wear them is still a headache to many.

A bralette is somewhere in between a bra and a top. It can be worn under a shirt or as a top on its own depending on how modest you want to look.

If you like to have an amazing modest look and cover more skin while still enjoying the amazing comfort of a bralette, we have some styling options for you to achieve a modest look in your bralette.

8 Ways on How to Wear a Bralette Modestly  

While a bralette does not give much coverage especially when worn alone, it can give a perfectly modest look when worn in a certain way. If you are a modest girl, try out these 8 ways when wearing your bralette:

1. Wear a Kimono

Kimonos are amazing when you want to cover more skin. If you plan on wearing a bralette as a top, you can wear a kimono on top to make the look more modest. Kimonos also have a way of making an outfit look chic, especially when paired with great pants for your bottom.

2. Wear a Loose Knit Sweater

A loose-knit sweater provides good coverage, while still revealing some details of your bralette. This makes it a perfect way to wear your bralette as a top and still look modest.

3. Grab a Knitted Top

A great knitted top, whether loose-knitted or compact, goes along with a bralette. The top gives you the needed coverage while still allowing the bralette space to keep you feeling comfortable and confident.

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4. With High Waist Bottoms

You can wear a bralette with high-waist pants, or a skirt to make it look modest. High-waist bottoms have a way of making a bralette look great and modest. Some of the best high-waist bottoms to wear with a bralette include high-waist denim pants, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, shorts, and palazzos.

5. Choose a Modest Bralette

Bralettes come in different designs, which is why you should carefully select one. To wear a bralette modestly, it needs to have more fabric which will provide more coverage, as opposed to bralettes with minimum coverage.

6. Opt For Neutral Colors

Colors that closely compliment your skin are awesome if you want to look modest in a bralette. The neutral colors deliver a more covered look as opposed to eye-catching colors.

7. Style the Bralette over a Shirt

One of the most modern ways of wearing a bralette while giving you perfect coverage is styling it on a button-up shirt. The bralette can also be worn over a sheer shirt for a more casual look.

8. Wear It Under a Low Neck Shirt

Lacy bralettes look great when worn under a low-neck shirt. They also give amazing coverage for those who shy away from wearing low-neck shirts.

Tips to Make Bralette an Everyday Wear

Bralettes are no substitute for a good supportive bra but can be worn every day if one is comfortable. You can switch between wearing a bralette in place of a bra and wearing it as a top.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve amazing looks every day in a bralette:

  • Wear your bralette with a bareback dress for a fun night out
  • Style your oversize button shirts with a bralette
  • Invest in denim or leather jackets to wear with a bralette
  • Have a variety of high-waist bottoms from skirts to pants
  • Get knitted tops and sweaters for a modest look in your bralette
  • Go lacy to make your bralette outfits interesting

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Is It Okay To Wear A Bralette In Public?

Wearing a bralette in public is okay. There are tips you can apply to wearing a bralette in public and be modest, such as wearing it over a button-up shirt or wearing a loose-knitted sweater or kimono on the bralette.

Is Bralette Good For Small Breasts?

Bralettes are not only awesome for small breasts, but they also flatter the figure of women with small breasts. They are also comfortable and amazing for those who do not like the underwire.

How Long Do Bralettes Last?

A bralette should last you about 9 months. This depends on how often you wear the bralette, as bras and bralettes tend to get loose with frequent wear. A bralette can also last you longer than 9 months.

Wearing a bralette modestly is achievable and fashionable. There are many ideas on how you can wear a bralette with modesty such as wearing it with a low-neck shirt, wearing it with high waist bottoms and a kimono over it, or wearing it with a knitted sweater on top.

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