Is it Bad to Wear a Sports Bra to Bed ?

Is it Bad to Wear a Sports Bra to Bed ?

For some, wearing a bra during the day is so restrictive that they can’t wait to get home, and either put on a comfy bra say bralette, or just let the twins breathe and relax, preferably with a t-shirt on.

Some women, however, enjoy having a bra on even when sleeping at night. For them, it is comfortable, keeps the ‘twins’ feeling secure, and also aids in a night of good sleep.

Clearly, it’s based on one’s preference and what they feel comfortable in during sleep time. But what many experts agree is that there is no proven evidence that shows that wearing a bra at night poses health risks.  

But then, do you wear any other bra or is there a specific bra type? And, is it bad to wear a sports bra to bed? Well, let’s find out!

Why wear a sports bra to bed

There are a number of reasons why wearing a sports bra to bed is your thing. They include:

1. When nursing

Some nursing mothers report experiencing achy and painful breasts at night when they sleep braless at night due to a lack of support for the boobs.

This is especially during the initial months post-natal and also for those with large, full breasts.

Thus, putting on a sports bra at night gives your breasts the utmost comfort and support when sleeping.

2. Sensitive nipples

Are you susceptible to nipple pain or chafing that could occur due to friction between a loose shirt and your breast nipples? Consider a nighttime sports bra.

3. Breast size

For women with well-endowed breasts, say, from size D, having a sports bra on when snoozing at night not only offers comfort but also leaves their breasts secure in a soft, supportive bra.

4. Breast tenderness                                              

You may experience tender breasts as a result of hormonal changes, fibrocystic breasts, or when breastfeeding, etc.

Breast tenderness calls for wearing a bra when going to bed for comfort, support, and better sleep.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sleeping Sports Bra

1. Comfortability

A comfortable sports bra is equally proportional to a good night’s sleep. Therefore, a soft and lightweight sports bra should be your go-to bra.

Also, look out for contemporary sports bras that feature technical fibers for utmost comfort.

2. Right size and fit

Choose to wear a precise bra size and a well-fitting bra. Tightly-fitting bras bring discomfort and dig through your skin leading to injuries as well as chafing.

Also, too-tight sports bras inhibit proper blood circulation and contribute to overheating, and too much night sweat.

Therefore, be sure to determine your bra size. If you are skeptical about your bra size, visit a bra fitting expert to find your precise bra size.  

3. Soft and wirefree bra

When shopping for a sports bra to put on at night, ensure that its material is not only soft but should also not feature underwires.

Underwire bras are a no-go zone at night as they are likely to dig into your skin as you toss and turn during your sleep.

Moreover, the wire in this wired bra is most likely to be nickel; a highly allergenic metal. Thus when combined with night sweat, this wire is likely to cause skin irritation.

Wired or non-wired bra, which is better?

4. Non-padded bras

Non-padded bras are light and comfortable to put on as you sleep. Further, non-padded bras are breathable and thus won’t cause heating and sweating of the ‘girls’ but rather enhance cooling.

5. Low-impact style                                                            

By design, sports bras offer support to your boobs during highly-strenuous activity whether at the gym, when running, etc. For such activities, a high-impact bra style beats the purpose.

Conversely, sleeping is not regarded as a strenuous activity. Therefore, consider a low-impact bra style that does not exert too much pressure on your rib cage but secures your boobs and offers comfort.

6. Made of breathable material

The material of your sports bra will make or break or good night’s sleep. Look out for breathable bra material that is soft as well for utmost comfort.

Personally, I prefer a cotton sports bra since the fabric is soft, comfortable, designed to last long, and absorbent. Conversely, if you sweat a lot at night, opt for polyester material as it wicks away moisture from your skin.

Is sports bra worn over normal bra?

How to sleep with your sports bra on

To maximize on benefits that come with sleeping with a sports bra on, ensure that the bra does not exert too much pressure on your body by:

  1. Protecting your shoulders. You can achieve this by loosening the bra straps to release some pressure off your shoulders. If you have a strapless sports bra the better.
  2. Protect your rib cage from exerted pressure by loosening the band to some extent depending on your comfort. If need be, you can use a band extender.

Remember, the aim here is not to keep the bra too loose to an extent where the ‘twins’ flip out but to make sleep comfortably.

Benefits of wearing a sports bra to bed

Some of the merits of wearing a sports bra to bed include:

  • Comfortable compared to other bras
  • Keeps your body cooler
  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Ideal option especially for breastfeeding moms, pregnant women, and teenagers.
  • Provides breast support while preventing discomfort

FAQs- Is it Bad to Wear a Sports Bra to Bed?

Can wearing a bra to sleep cause sagging?

No. Wearing a bra at night does not cause sagging of your breasts.

There are other causes of sagging breasts, some of which are natural. They include aging, weight loss, weight gain, post-pregnancy, and post-breastfeeding, etc.

Can wearing a bra to bed cause stretch marks?

No. Putting on a bra to bed does not cause stretch marks. On the contrary, experts believe that sleeping while wearing a bra; a sports bra, or a soft wireless bra can help prevent stretchmarks, especially for those with a large bust.

However, it is advisable to wear your bra at night occasionally, have a number of night bras to alternate, and also avoid too-tight bras.

Can wearing a sports bra prevent boobs from growing?

No, it can’t. The rate and intensity of the breasts’ growth are determined by either individual genetic composition or hormonal changes in your body. Thus wearing a sports bra does not affect your boobs’ growth in any way.

Just ensure to put on well-fitting bras, not too tight so as not to dig into your skin and not too loose not to provide the much-needed support to your breasts.

Additional Questions

Is it fine to sleep in a sports bra at night?

Absolutely, it’s totally fine to sleep in a sports bra at night if that’s what you feel comfortable in. As a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction, Constance M. Chen guarantees that sleeping in a sports bra doesn’t pose any health risks. Nevertheless, each individual varies and so does their level of comfort. **Sports bras can provide you with the necessary support and comfort while sleeping, especially in the case of women with a larger bust.** However, it’s always important to ensure that the sports bra is not too tight as it may restrict your breathing.

Can sports bras be used as regular bras?

Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to use sports bras as regular bras to wear under shirts. The design and structure of sports bras may often yield a not-so-feminine shape, which most people do not prefer. This is mainly because sports bras tend to reduce cleavage and shape, which may show under regular shirts and hence, cause an unflattering appearance. However, another key thing to remember here is that **sports bras give fuller coverage than regular bras and are more comfortable**. So, if you’re looking for comfort over appearance, then wearing a sports bra as an everyday bra shouldn’t be a problem.

Does sleeping in a sports bra hinder growth?

No, sleeping in a sports bra won’t affect your breast growth or cause breast cancer. Breast development is a natural process and can’t be influenced by wearing a bra during sleep. Moreover, it’s to be noted that **wearing a bra to sleep won’t make your breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy**. It’s a common misconception that needs to be debunked. Hence, sleep in whatever you are comfortable in, whether that’s a bra or not.

Will wearing a sports bra at night prevent sagging?

While some believe that wearing a sports bra at night can prevent sagging, there isn’t any scientific proof to back this up. Breast sagging is a natural process that happens over time due to age and gravity. Wearing or not wearing a bra at night won’t really affect this. However, if wearing a sports bra provides you with more comfort and support, by all means, go for it. Just remember, bras can’t really prevent **the sagging that happens from lying down on your sides**.