5 Plus Size Bralette With Underwire You Should Try!

5 Plus Size Bralette With Underwire You Should Try!

While wireless bralettes are more comfortable and great to wear every day, sometimes plus-size girls need more support. Bralettes with underwire have it all. They are comfortable and offer extra support for plus-size women.

The underwire does a great job of giving a nice lift and shaping breasts. It flatters the natural shape of boobs. A plus size bralette with underwire gives you support and keeps your breasts comfortable.

The most common bralettes are wireless, and it is a hustle to find a good plus-size bralette with an underwire. If you urgently need a few bralettes with extra support from the underwire, here are our top picks:

Plus Size Bralette With Underwire

1. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Charley Longline Underwire Bralette

The Elomi Women’s plus size underwire bralette is a great bralette for support and shape. The bralette has 4-panel cups that shape large breasts. This bralette also keeps your comfort a priority through its soft and stretchy fabric.

This bralette features a wide and stretchy band to ensure that you are not uncomfortable with a tight band around your belly. It has a beautiful floral design that can be layered with many different tops to give it a feminine look.

This bralette has an underwire that creates extra support for heavy breasts. The underwire is well placed so as not to dig in under the skin. The bralette features seams to prevent breast spillage and the design fits perfectly under the arms too. 

The hook and eye closure design of this bralette enhance adjustability and comfort.


  • Has seamed cups for extra support
  • Features a wide and stretchy band
  • Has soft lace material
  • No breast spillage


  • It feels tight during the first few wears

2. WDIRARA Women’s Plus Size V Neck

If you are looking for a strappy bralette to wear with tank tops, this is a great option for you.

This bralette not only has an awesome strappy design but also has an underwire to keep your breasts well-supported. The bralette features an awesome V design that pairs great with many tops.

It has a deep V front design to display your beautiful cleavage and flatter your look, especially when paired with a low-neck top. The bralette features super stretchy fabric that maintains the natural shape of your breasts.

If you want an underwired bralette with adjustable straps, this one features strong, supportive, and adjustable straps.


  • It has supportive and adjustable straps
  • Features a unique front V design
  • Features soft fabric
  • It is comfortable


  • It has no padding

3. WDIRARA Women’s Plus Size Mesh Lace Underwire Bralette

This bralette is a great fit for a plus-size woman who needs to feel comfortable and looks great too. It features stretchy lace that feels comfortable and soft on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this bralette is a good option for you.

The bralette has an underwire to support heavy breasts. It is a light bralette and is great for wearing under clothes or layering with tops. If you want to wear this bralette as a top, it covers enough skin for a modest look.

This bralette has adjustable straps to help in attaining a perfect fit and keep you comfortable. The straps are strong and supportive.


  • The lace material is stretchy
  • Straps are adjustable
  • It is comfortable


  • The sizing is inaccurate

4. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Kelsey Underwire Bralette

This is an amazing bralette option for plus-size girls. It gives a great lift and shape to large breasts. The bralette has an underwire that enhances support. It is made of beautiful lace material that is also stretchy and comfortable.

If you are looking for a bralette that will separate your boobs, this bralette features cups that give an amazing separate fit. The bralette cups have seams which makes them more supportive. The seams are well designed so as not to show over clothes.

The bralette is designed with an elastic neck edge to make it easier to fit. It also features flexible back sweep construction to give you an easy time adjusting it. The straps are adjustable to ensure the fitting is customized to your size.


  • It shapes breasts amazingly
  • The lace is stretchy
  • The bralette seams are invisible over a shirt
  • It features an elastic neck edge


  • It is available in only two colors

5. SOLY HUX Women’s Plus Size Floral Lace Scalloped Trim Underwire

If you are on a budget, this underwire bralette set is a good option. This bralette comes at a good price and is a 2 piece lingerie set.

The bralette is made of high-quality floral lace and mesh. Both materials are soft and divine for sensitive skin.

The floral bralette set is a perfect wear for any occasion, whether official or casual. The bralette looks great under an official chiffon blouse or a loose-knit sweater. This bralette gives amazing support for large breasts while keeping you comfortable.

This bralette set features a unique strap design. The straps are adjustable and strong to keep your shoulders comfortable.


  • It comes as a 2 piece set
  • It is affordable
  • The lace is stretchy and comfortable
  • Features adjustable straps


  • The bottom is tight during the first few wears

FAQs on Plus Size Bralettes with Underwire

Do Bralettes Support Large Breasts?

Bralettes are not only good for comfort but also give support to large breasts. Bralettes with an underwire or padding are supportive compared to wireless bralettes. If you need minimal or medium support, a bralette should do it.

Are Bralettes Better With Underwire?

Bralettes with the underwire are more supportive and shape the breasts better than bralettes without the underwire. Bralettes with no underwire on the other hand are more comfortable and can be worn to sleep. Women with large breasts require more support for the breasts and find bralettes with underwire better.

Are Wireless Bralettes Good?

Bralettes with no underwire have minimal support but are extra comfortable. Wearing a bralette without the underwire can result in more bouncing of breasts leading to discomfort.

Additional Questions

Can bralettes work for women with larger breasts?

Yes, bralettes can indeed cater to women with larger breasts. It’s all about identifying the right style and features that can provide adequate support, which is crucial for big busts. **Bralettes for larger busts** should prioritize design elements that enhance comfort and stability.

When shopping for bralettes, women with larger breasts shouldn’t have to compromise on style or support. Having ample experience navigating through a variety of designs, styles, and sizes, I can confidently say if you find the right fit, a bralette can be an equally practical and beautiful addition to your lingerie wardrobe, regardless of your bust size.

What bra should plus-sized women prefer?

Plus-sized women should be on the hunt for bras that provide **full coverage** to avoid any uncomfortable spillage. They should also seek bras with wide and sturdy bands beneath the bust that promise optimal support. Adjustable straps are another key feature, as they enable a personalized fit for your utmost comfort and requirement.

Being a fashion expert, I believe, finding the perfect bra requires patience and experimentation. The requirements of a plus-sized woman are unique, and the right bra can do wonders for her comfort and confidence. Explore, try out different styles, and soon you’ll find your perfect match.

What type of bra is suitable for older women?

There is a wide range of bras available for older women, but **side support bras** often stand out as the best option. These bras come with underwires that extend towards the centre of your bust and wide bands, offering superior support.

Drawing from years of practical knowledge in the lingerie industry, I’ve found that as women age, so does their bra needs. An appropriately designed bra can help maintain the shape while offering the required comfort. So, a ‘side support bra’ matches this criterion efficiently. Don’t shy away from trying on different styles – your perfect match could be just around the corner.

Should the size be reduced while choosing bralettes?

No, reducing the size isn’t the perfect solution. If your boobs are noticeable spilling or falling out of the seams, then you should consider **going up a size**. On the other hand, if your bralette is large enough to fit your hand along with your bust, it could be time to consider a smaller size.

Speaking from my years of fitting experiences, finding the right bralette size can be tricky. The key is to ensure it truly fits and supports you in all the right places. Stray from the general myth of ‘downsizing equates better support’. It might take a few trials, but once you’ve found your perfect size, you’re guaranteed comfort and support in balance.