5 Supportive Plus Size Bralettes You Should Get!

5 Supportive Plus Size Bralettes You Should Get!

There is a common belief that bralettes are comfortable, but not as supportive as bras, especially for plus-size girls who need extra support from a bralette for comfort.

As opposed to the common belief that bralettes are not supportive, some bralettes prove this wrong. The bralette you choose matters and determines the level of support you get.

Choosing a supportive plus size bralette from thousands of options is hard, and it is easy to get it wrong. We have narrowed down the options to make it easier for you to choose the right supportive plus size bralette .

Supportive Plus Size Bralette

1. SOLY HUX Women’s Plus Size

The Soly Hux women plus size bralette is made of soft lace material and is designed with a floral pattern. It has a deep V design on the front thus giving room for showing your cleavage.

If you are looking for a supportive bralette for wearing every day, this bralette is a great option for you. The bralette is so comfortable that you can sleep with it through the night.

The gorgeous lace material is amazing when styling this bralette. It can be worn as a top with high-waist jeans or worn under a one-arm sweater. The bralette is versatile and has many amazing styling options.


  • The lace material is soft
  • Has a beautiful floral design
  • It can be worn on many occasions


  • It does not have padding

2. Wacoal Women’s Net Effect Bralette

This bralette is made of a beautiful and comfortable net fabric. It is an awesome bralette to layer with loose summer tops. The bralette has a triangle neckline and a plunged design to suit a plus-size woman.

The bralette gives a good lift to your breasts. The vertical seam that runs up from each side of the bralette gives adequate support for large breasts. This bralette also features a wide band that provides support for the breasts. The band is stretchy and soft to keep you feeling comfortable.

This bralette has wide straps that create support for your breasts and also prevent your shoulders from straining due to breast weight. The bralette features a hook and eye closure to give room for adjustments when wearing it.


  • It is made of soft mesh fabric
  • Has a wide and soft band
  • Has a hook and eye closure design
  • Features wide straps


  • Straps are non-adjustable

3. WDIRARA Women’s Plus Size V Neck Bralette

This bralette has an underwire to keep your breasts well-supported. The bralette features an awesome V design that is perfect for wearing with a V-neck top when you don’t want your bralette to show.

The bralette has a wonderful design that can be layered with any top. It has a deep V front design to display your beautiful cleavage. The bralette is made of stretchy fabric that stretches and flows with the shape of your breasts.

One great feature of this bralette is the easily adjustable straps for a better lift. To avoid confusion and getting a size up or down, you can refer to the bralette size chart for guidance.

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  • It features an underwire for support
  • It has adjustable straps
  • The front side is a V design
  • The fabric is stretchy and soft


  • It has no padding

4. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Charley Longline Underwire Bralette

The Elomi Women’s plus size underwire bralette focuses on giving plus size breasts support and shape. It features seamed 4-panel cups to shape your breasts. The material on the top cup is stretchy to keep you comfortable.

This bralette has a stretch band that extends around the torso to ensure that you are not uncomfortable with a tight band. The floral design on the cups and the band gives this bralette an amazing feminine touch.

The bralette is a perfect gift for prenatal plus-size moms because it does not strain or bring discomfort to the baby bump. The seams also ensure that your breasts do not spill. It also fits amazingly at the underarms.

The bralette features the hook and eye closure method to enhance adjustability so that the bralette fits perfectly.


  • The band is comfortable
  • Has seamed cups for extra support
  • The lace on the cups and the band is stretchy
  • Fits well on the underarms


  • It’s a little tight when new

5. Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Bralette

If you are looking for a seamless bralette that is invisible under clothes, the Calvin Klein women’s invisible bralette is for you.

It is the bralette to wear with your favorite shirt or with a work outfit. It has a high V design on the front which makes this a suitable bralette for high V-neck tops.

This bralette is made of soft and stretchy fabric that is not only great for sensitive skin but also keeps you comfortable and well-supported. The fabric stretches with your breast shape and size.

The bralette has wide straps to give enough support for heavy breasts as well as keep your shoulders feeling light. It has paddings that are removable at your convenience.


  • The bralette is made of stretchy fabric
  • It features removable paddings
  • The straps are wide
  • Has a beautiful design


  • Straps are not adjustable

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Do Bralettes Support Heavy Breasts?

Bralettes are designed to give reliable support even for heavy breasts. Some bralettes feature underwire or seamed cups to create a lift and support for heavy breasts.

Are Bralettes Good For Heavy Breasts?

If you want to support and comfort heavy breasts, bralettes are amazing for this function. Bralettes are also great if you want a break from the discomfort of wearing an underwire bra.

How Do You Lift Large breasts?

A good underwired push-up bra is a good option to give heavy or large breasts a lift. Bras with seamed cups also do a great job to lift large breasts.

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