The Ultimate Guide to Training Bra Size for 10 Year Old

The Ultimate Guide to Training Bra Size for 10 Year Old

A 10-year-old is a preteen, also known as a tween.

At this point, your girl is transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Lots of changes are taking place, both physical and mood-wise.

One of the most notable physical changes is the development of breasts. That would mean that in no time, she would need a bra; preferably a training bra initially.

In this article, we look at the training bra size for 10 year old, the benefits of a training bra, who can wear and how to introduce your tween to bra shopping.

What are the Benefits of a Training Bra?

Girls commonly wear a training bra at this age to help handle breast development and prepare for the normal bra stage.

Training bra provides covering for her developing breasts. If she dresses in a lightly covered blouse or dress, this bra will prevent her growing nipples from being visible.

Padded training bras protect and support tender buds and nipples. Since girls are usually active in sports and everyday activities at this age, being brushed on her chest is ordinary, and this experience can be pretty painful.

It can happen even in crowded movements in the school corridors. The lightly padded bra will cushion and protect her breasts.

Who Can Wear a Training Bra?

It is ideal for girls whose breasts are yet to develop fully. They could be at the budding stage or are still small. Training bras will provide good coverage at this point.

Training bras are also suitable for preparing a girl for the regular bra. Once they get used to wearing a training bra, the normal brazier will be easier to transition.

Training bras are best for girls who like sporty wear. Racerback sports training bra will be a perfect fit for your sporty teen.

How Should you Introduce Bra Shopping to your Tween?

This transition can be a little embarrassing for your girl and yourself. Your tween is, at this point, looking up to you for guidance in handling the changes happening in her life; from her first menstrual period to choosing her bras.

As a mom, aunt, grandma, or big sister taking care of her, start by taking note of the changes she is already showing and bring up the proposal to start bra shopping for her training bra.

Do this in a loving and sensitive way. As a result, she will gather the confidence to let you know if they are ready and when.

Most girls avoid bras until much later when they have little bigger breasts, while others prefer to wear a bra in anticipation. Whichever way, support your preteen without forcing her.

What Training Bra Size for 10 Year Old

Most training bras come with XS, S, M, L, and XL sizing. The brand provides sizing measurements, especially for online stores.

A ten-year-old is probably yet to start growing her breasts, or they are beginning to grow and are still small but can show under her clothes. A training bra helps to cover. We are not necessarily looking to support the breast at this age.

While bra shopping, it is crucial to get your daughter´s bra size correct. You can have measurements done at home before going shopping. Nothing screams discomfort like trying out your first bra while shopping.

The best thing is to go there and focus on the design, color, and fabrics she likes and not get measurements for her size. By all means, do the measurements in the comfort of your home, especially for her first-time bra.

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How to Get Training Bra Measurements

Measure in inches around her chest all the way to the fullest part of the breast. Then get the measurements for under her breast.

Using the two measurements, use the chart provided by the manufacturer for that specific bra to get her size.

The measurements will fall under XS, S, M, L, or XL.

Look out for stretchable cotton fabric that will allow room for growth.

You can consider light padding. At this stage, padded bras are not ideal.

No underwires at all. Training bras are supposed to be comfortable.

However, if your daughter is ready for a regular bra, judging by the size of her breasts and her readiness, consider following the guidance below to get the band and cup size.

To get the bra size, you need the band and the cup measurements.

  1. The Band Size refers to the measurement around the thoracic cage. If you get an odd number as the measured size, round it to the immediate even number. E.g., If you get 33 inches, round off to 34.
  2. To get the Cup Size, measure the entire fullest point of your bust. Subtract this value from the band size. The difference denotes the cup size as follows:
  1. 0 inch – AA
  2. 1 inch – A
  3. 2 inches – B
  4. 3 inches – C
  5. 4 inches – D
  6. 5 inches – DD

The cup size is the covering on the breast, while the band size is the measurement around the chest in inches.

If your girl gets an AA cup size, she will still need a training bra to cover up and, of course, to soothe the tingly feeling that comes with budding breasts.

After getting the cup size, you now need to put the values together to get the bra size i.e. band size + cup size e.g. 32 AA, 34A, 34C et al.

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Training Bras to Consider for your 10-year-old

We love the following bras that worked well for our daughters.  

  1. Rene Rofe Girls´Joelle Training Bra.

Sizes available for 7-14-year-olds. It is very comfortable, making it ideal as a first training bra for a 10-year-old. Available in diverse colors and sold as a pack of ten (10).

The straps are adjustable to enable you to get the right fit.

2. Sweet Princess Girls´ Training Bra

This bralette is soft and comfortable. It is sold in a pack of 8 (eight). With no padding, this guarantees comfort for your girl.

3. Alyce Intimates Girls Cotton Cropped Cami Training Bra.

It is a soft and comfortable training bra sold in a pack of ten (10). It comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. It is available in a range of many colors.

4. Popular Girls Padded Training Bra Pack

This particular training bra is lightly padded. The padding makes it ideal when your breasts are budding and you experience discomfort.

The popular girls’ padded bra is soft, and comfortable, and has straps to adjust to a perfect fit.

5. Calvin Klein Girls´ Modern Cotton Bralette

This Calvin Klein Bralette is a popular sporty training bra. It is ideal as a starter training bra due to its cozy and soft nature.

Additional Questions

Should 10 year olds wear training bras?

The necessity for a training bra is based on the individual development of each girl, not primarily on age. Girls may commence the journey of breast growth as early as 8 years, while some may not start until later in their teen years. It’s important to respect their unique timelines and ensure they’re comfortable and confident in their own skins. There is no specific age at which girls should start wearing training bras.

Which bra is our top pick for a 10 year old?

The most recommended option, speaking from expertise and reviews, is the Hanes Girls ComfortFlex Seamless Bralette. This product stands out due to its soft, seamless design, proving ideal for those desiring some extra coverage. Its two-ply structure comprehensively covers the chest region, while the blend of nylon and spandex results in a soft and flexible bralette. The Hanes Girls ComfortFlex Seamless Bralette is considered the best choice because of its comfort and wearability.

How do you measure a 10 year old for a bra?

Proper measurement for a bra for a 10-year-old is essential to ensure comfort, fit, and support. However, please note this information isn’t provided here. Bra fitting involves calculating two key dimensions: the measurement around the underbust for the band size, and the measurement around the fullest part of the bust for the cup size. The difference between these two measurements will determine the ideal cup size. Always remember, comfort is most important when selecting a bra. An accurate measurement is crucial for finding the right bra for a 10-year-old.