Underwire Bra Vs No Underwire Bra

Underwire Bra Vs No Underwire Bra

Which bra should you wear? The underwire bra vs no underwire debate has been going on for years and still isn’t settled.

But there are a few key things to know about both types of bras that might help you make the decision.

If you want to feel supported, go with an underwire. If your goal is comfort, then go no underwire!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between underwire bras and no underwire bras.

What is an underwire bra?

An underwire bra is a type of bra that provides more support than wireless bras. It pushes your breasts together with its encircling band to create lift.

What’s more, it provides separation so that each breast is fully supported individually without any sag or distortion.

Underwire bras tend to last longer since they are harder to break through, even with frequent wear.

On the flip side, underwire bras can be uncomfortable if the wires dig into your skin too much.


  1. This bra provides a great lift.
  2. Prevents saggy breasts and droopy nipples.
  3. Great for women with large breasts who need extra support.
  4. The underwire gives better shape and separation.
  5. If the bra’s wires dig into your skin too much, you can buy a bra with foam lining to make them more comfortable.


  1. Uncomfortable if the underwire digs into your skin.
  2. More likely to break through with frequent wear.
  3. The expensive price point for an underwire bra may only last a few wears.
  4. If you are not used to wearing an underwire, it can take some time before you get used to it.
  5. It can be too hard on sensitive skin or those with allergies.

What is No underwire bra?

Wireless bras are a type of bra that provides less support than an underwire.

They don’t push your breasts together as underwires do, but it does offer comfort and convenience in return.

It won’t bother you if it pops out from time to time (or all day long) since you don’t have wires digging into your skin!

Your nipples will be free as well which can make breastfeeding easier too.


  1. More comfortable than underwire bras.
  2. You can wear them with anything, from turtlenecks to deep v-necklines and high shirts.
  3. Softer fabric and won’t give you back pain.
  4. Cheaper price compared to an underwired bra.


  1. Provides less support than an underwire bra.
  2. Can create a uni-breast.
  3. Doesn’t offer as much support for larger cup sizes.

How do I know which bra type is right for me?

There are a few things you need to consider before deciding whether to go for an underwire or wireless bra:

  1. Comfort
  2. Support
  3. Breast shape and size
  4. Sensitivity to underwire or not

If you are looking for a bra that offers support, and is made in large cup sizes – like D or DD, then go for underwire bras.

However, if the material of the fabric feels itchy against your skin then go with no underwire bras! Also if comfort is your utmost priority, no underwire bras will work for you.

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Underwire bra vs no underwire bra: major differences

The major distinctions between underwire and no underwire bras are the degree of support, and comfortability (sensitivity to underwire).

1. Support

The underwired bra offers more support as it’s made with a stiff material. The wire is placed in between your breasts for extra stability.

No underwire bras have less structure because they don’t include an underwire thus offering less support.

2. Comfort

The underwired bra can feel uncomfortable if the underwire digs into your chest or feels too stiff.

No underwire bras provide more comfort as they’re typically made of a softer fabric.

3. Breast and cup sizes

An underwired bra is great for anyone who is looking for a bra that offers support for a larger cup size.

No underwire bras may be the better option if you have a smaller chest size.

4. Back pains

The underwired bra can create back pain because they’re typically made of stiff material that aims to push your breasts together.

No underwire bra is made of a softer fabric and won’t give you back pain.

5. Bra style

No underwire bra can come in a push-up, compression, or other styles while underwires only come in a standard bra style.

6. Sensitivity

Most people are likely to experience sensitivity to underwire bras as opposed to wireless bras.

7. Pricing

Underwire bras are usually more expensive than no underwire bras.

Underwire bra vs no underwire bra: Similarities

  • Both types of bras are designed to offer support and coverage for a woman’s chest.
  • They both have the potential to reduce back pain if they fit well.

However, remember that wireless bras are more likely to create back pain because they’re typically made of stiff material.

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