<strong>What Bra Color to Wear under a White Shirt</strong>

What Bra Color to Wear under a White Shirt

Wearing the wrong bra no matter how good your outfit is, can completely ruin your fashion statement.

Colorful bras are stylish but it is important to determine what bra color complements a particular outfit. For instance, when wearing a white shirt, you don’t want your bra’s outline showing through.

In this guide, we take you through what bra color to wear under a white shirt to achieve a modest look.

How to determine your skin undertone

Finding out your ideal bra color calls for determining your specific skin undertone. But how do you find out? Well, look at your wrist, specifically under your veins.

If you find that your veins appear green or greenish-blue, then you have a warm undertone. Blue or purple veins depict a cool skin undertone.

On the other hand, if it is a mix of both, colorless or hard to see, then you have a neutral undertone.

To achieve an invisible bra under your white shirt, ensure that it closely matches your skin tone. For instance, if you have a warm skin undertone, latte-shade bras should be your go-to bras, especially beige or brown colors.

If you have a cool undertone, you should consider, blush shade bras for instance grey, black, or navy colors.

How about neutral skin undertones? Neutral undertones work perfectly with cocoa for instance dark brown and chocolate.           

What Bra Color to Wear under a White Shirt

Why you should not put on a white bra under a white shirt

While some ladies swear by a white bra under a white shirt, we view it as a wardrobe malfunction, and here is why:

The fabric for most white bras is so thin to an extent that when stretched around your chest, it is most likely to show off, on your white shirt.

What’s more, while we expect that wearing identical bra color as your shirt blurs your white bra from being seen, on the contrary, it highlights it. This is mainly due to contrasting skin color, thus the darker the skin color, the more contrasting it will be.

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Nude Bra

You can never go wrong with a nude bra under a white shirt so long as you choose the right shade for your skin tone to enhance the bra’s invisibility.

Nude bras come in different shades, some are lighter shades while others are darker shades. Therefore, it is important to find out your skin color tone so as to pick the perfect shade of nude bra that perfectly complements you.

If you are not sure about your skin tone, it is safe to stick to a slightly lighter shade of nude.

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Red bra

If you would like to add a bold color to your outfit, then you should consider a red bra. Scientifically, our skin naturally features red undertones thus a red bra will complement your skin.

Just like a nude bra, a red bra is also invisible when worn under a white top and many women swear by this.

Additionally, due to its bold color, the red bra tends to distract any bra lines or seams from being visible.

Here is the hack though! To achieve a perfect match, you should go for darker shades of red preferably burgundy color or dark red. The lighter shades containing pink or purple tints won’t do justice to your outfit.

One more thing! When wearing a red bra, ensure the rest of your outfit feature less intense colors so that the red bra does not stand out too much.

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Can I wear a black bra under a white shirt?

No. It is not advisable to wear a black bra under a white shirt simply because black is a bold color, hence highly likely to be visible through your white shirt.

So when do you wear a black bra instead?

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You can put on a black bra when you have a dark shirt on, preferably navy blue, chocolate brown, or burgundy hues.

In addition, a black bra would be perfectly okay whenever you wear a black sheer top. Even if it becomes visible, it is still perfectly acceptable.

Alternatively, if you like a more modest look, you may want to put on a black bra under a blouse made of a thicker sheer fabric.

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To sum up

A number of factors come into play when picking the ideal bra color to wear under a white blouse.

Most important is determining your skin undertone as it informs the bra color that will form a perfect match.

While many women view a nude color bra as a must-have bra in your wardrobe, there are other bra colors that work perfectly as well including red bra color.

White bra color does not complement a white blouse and the same is true for a black bra.


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Additional Questions

What Colour bra doesn’t show under a white top?

Contrary to popular belief, a red bra is the most inconspicuous color to wear under a white top. This reason is because red absorbs light in a particular way that allows it to blend seamlessly with your skin, rather than reflecting light. Speaking from personal experience, it can be a game-changer for those with pink or darker skin tones.

Is it better to get a white or black bra?

There’s no right or wrong, but opting for a classic black or white bra can be a safe, fashion forward choice. They are timeless, elegant, and undeniably a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. I, a style editor, personally vouch for white bras as they give a refreshing and vibrant appearance, particularly during summer, and especially when adorned with lace.

Should you wear a red bra under a white shirt?

Although it might seem counterintuitive at first, the answer is yes, you can wear a red bra under a white shirt without it being visible. This styling advice, which I learned recently, revolutionized the way I perceive my wardrobe – especially since I’m a firm believer in the all-black-everything principle. Trust me, fellow fashionistas won’t even notice you’re revolutionising the fashion game under your white shirt.

Is wearing a black bra under a white shirt?

Donning a black bra under a white top, à la Carrie Bradshaw or iconic French ladies, can be undeniably stylish and fashion-forward, if done right. The trick is to strike a balance – **the black bra should be perceptible, but not distracting**, which means it’s not advisable to wear it under a very sheer white shirt. This, I’ve found, can add an element of rebellious chic to your look.