What is a Spacer Bra? The Bra you Wish you Bought Earlier!

What is a Spacer Bra? The Bra you Wish you Bought Earlier!

You may have heard about a variety of bras you can buy when nursing, going out for a date or having a hot sports day. In most cases, all these bras are designed to be worn at a particular time.

However, it is paramount to note that you may not really buy every bra there is in this world, even your grandmother probably had one and she enjoyed her womanhood those days.

Hence, it is possible to just buy one that keeps you comfortable, is breathable, and stays flat. So, what is a spacer bra?

What Is A Spacer Bra?

You wouldn’t be wrong to say a spacer bra is a T-shirt bra. However, there is more than just a T-shirt bra. That is, spacer bras feature air pockets that make the bra breathable.

Upon further research, we realized that these bras are made from a porous fabric. This is the fabric used to make bandages for covering wounds due to its softness and breathability.

The air pockets found in these bras make them suitable to be worn during scorching days. That clearly explains why spacer bras are ideal for women who sweat a lot, and sportswomen too.

a. Good Coverage

Because of their finish, this bra covers your breasts excellently. Hence, it is a suitable bra to put on when wearing a T-shirt.  What’s more, if you love wearing clingy fashions, a spacer bra is, without a doubt, a perfect match for you.

b. Support

Besides being light, well-padded, and breathable, a bra whether sticky or a push-up bra should offer support to the breast. Thanks to the spacer bra, it gives you all the benefits, including excellently supporting your breasts.

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That means that you are always comfortable in it.

c. Lightweight

Do you feel that your breasts get too large when you wear the best nursing bras for large breasts? Well, here’s an alternative, a spacer bra!

A spacer bra is light in weight due to its fabric. As such, it leaves you feeling comfortable all day long

Just like there are adverse consequences in wearing the wrong bra size, wearing a heavy bra will equally come with severe consequences. For instance, your shoulders will hurt, and you are likely to have back pains.

d. Smoothness

You don’t want a bra that will make you feel totally out of place. Some bras are quite rough on your skin due to their rough material. On the contrary, spacer bras will serve you right since they are made of high-quality material and thus quite smooth.

All you want is a chance to hide your boobs so as to soothe them, even for a second, because the material is extremely rough.

e. Thin Padding

Contrary to the other bras you will find in the market; this one has thin padding. The thin padding is a result of the thin lining of this bra. It, therefore, does not increase the boobs’ size, nor does it make your boobs feel heavy.

To sum it up,  a spacer bra is an extraordinary T-shirt bra that is breathable, light in weight, and comfortable.