What to Wear Instead of a Bra? 18 Great Alternatives to Bras

What to Wear Instead of a Bra? 18 Great Alternatives to Bras

Sometimes it gets tiring to wear a bra. Lots of women long for the time they will be indoors and set their breasts free. You can still be bra-free even when outdoors without worrying about sagging breasts, or visible nipples. So, what to wear instead of a bra?   

You can wear a tight tank top, tank top with built-in bras, bralettes, bodysuit and camisole, cupped cloths, tops or dresses, bandeaus, nipple pasties, and nipple covers. Other alternatives include scarves and summer scarves, breast lift tape, bikini bras and tops, chest wrap/sarashi, sports bra and homemade bra, lace, pattern, and embroidery or stick bra.

Here’s What to Wear Instead of a Bra

1. Tight Tank Top

A tight tank top will hold the breasts in place, they should be worn under a top. They are a perfect fit for small breasts.

2. Tank Top With Built In Bras

They offer support to the breasts and are not bulky. They are made of skin-friendly products and are stylish.

Check out this Vislivin Solid Camisole Strap Tank Top

3. Bralletes 

Bralletes do not have underwire or molded cups but they still keep your breast in shape and prevent spillage. They can be worn with a backless dress and are more comfortable than bras. My top pick for bralletes is the Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles bralette.

4. Body Suit and Camisole

Bodysuits are not only meant to make ladies sexy but also work to keep the breasts in place.

Camisoles are made of thin stretchy materials and are more comfortable than bras. They have adjustable straps, they fit well in the body, and can blend in well with most tops.

Our top pick is the Boody Ecowear Women’s Camisole Bodysuit

5. Cupped Cloths, Top, or Dresses

Some clothes, tops, and dresses are made with built-in cups. They are trendy and comfy. Next time you feel like not wearing a bra, why not try them?

6. Bandeaus 

Bandeaus are a type of clothing that holds the breasts without giving the shoulders any pressure. They are worn beneath any type of top. However, note that bandeaus are not ideal when engaging in vigorous activities. This is because they lack straps thus likely to move around the chest with ease.

Check out this Kurve Seamless Bandeau

7.Nipple Pasties

The nipple pasties help to cover the nipple and prevent nip slip. You can now confidently wear your V-cut shirts since the nipple pasties got you covered.

CHARMKING Reusable Adhesive Invisible Pasties

8. Nipple Covers

If the nipple pasties are too thin for you, try nipple covers. The silicone covers lift your breasts while giving you a natural look. Confidently wear these covers under a backless dress, swimwear, t-shirts, etc.

Non-adhesive Silicone Nipple Cover

9. Avoid Thin Tops and Thin Materials  

If you wear thin tops and materials, they are likely to show your breasts. Wear tops made of thick materials or with lining.

10. Try an Evening Dress

An evening dress with a tight-fitting top is best when you don’t intend to wear a bra. Let it be of a thicker material and you will worry less about your nipples.

11. Scarves and Summer Scarves

During winter, scarves will keep you warm, comfortable and help in hiding your breasts.

In hot seasons, summer scarves will cover your ‘girls’ and you can easily remove them when you don’t have to cover your breasts.

Scarf for Women Lightweight for Fall Winter

12. Breast Lift Tape

From its name, the tapes are used in lifting the breasts. With breast lift tape, you get to forget about sagging breasts! However, they are not fit for women with big breasts.

Check out Breathable Breast Lift Tape with Silicone Breast Petals

13. Bikini Tops and Bras

When it comes to Bikini tops and bras, I love their versatility! They fit into any type of breast size and shape, thus suitable for all women. What’s more, they are flexible as you can wear them with different types of clothing, whether under your top or anytime you go swimming.

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14. Chest Wrap/Sarashi

This is a long piece of clothing that was introduced by the Japanese. It is wrapped several times around the chest and it acts as a bra. Sarashi should not be wrapped tightly as it will lead to difficulties in breathing and blood circulation.


15. Sport Bras

They are not only useful while you are hitting the gym, but also can be worn as a substitute for a bra. Sports bras are comfy and are made of different materials and colors.

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16. Home-Made Bras

Have you ever thought of a DIY bra? You can make a bra in your design, shape, and size. If you do not know or like sewing, you can make arrangements with your tailor.

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17. Lace, Pattern, and Embroidery

If you opt to go braless, lace, patterns, and embroidery will come to your aid. They will help in diverting attention from your breasts.

18. Sticky Bra

Sticky bras are comparable to a ‘crossbreed’ of bra and nipple covers. They are strapless and wireless and help to eliminate shoulder and neck pains. They are relaxing, attractive, and cheap too.

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With the above list, you now have multiple choices when you do not feel like wearing a bra. You can decide to quit on bras and stick with one or more of these choices.

Nevertheless, do not be ashamed to let your breasts free once, in a while.

Additional Questions

What can I sport as an alternative to a conventional bra?

A popular and stylish alternative to a regular bra is the sticky, adhesive bra. While it may not offer extreme support, it is perfect for those who don’t need that, providing shape definition and a subtle lift instead. This bra alternative has been commended for its utility, especially when worn with plunging necklines or strapless gowns or dresses that bare the back. Deep V-neck outfits or strapless dresses are this bra’s best friends!

Can you elaborate on the growing trend of not wearing a bra?

Yes, indeed! The trend of not wearing a bra is skyrocketing across digital platforms, with over 670 million tags under “No Bra” on TikTok alone. Users are revealing in video snippets how this shift has brought them liberation, freeing them from the constraints of uncomfortable undergarments. Fueled by the notion of embracing natural body shapes and discarding discomfort, this trend is truly redefining style standards. The “No Bra” hashtag has birthed a revolution of sorts, pointing towards enhanced comfort and contentment.

What is a recommended alternative to underwire bras?

An alternative I’d suggest to underwire bras is the adhesive bra. If you’re not in need of high support, this bra can be your go-to choice. Apart from carving a defined shape, it also gives your breasts a bit of a lift. What’s more, it works wonders with outfits that have deep V-necklines or are backless and strapless. So, let the adhesive bra play the style game with your beloved cocktail gown.

Is it permissible to use pasties instead of a bra?

Absolutely! Nipple pasties are one among the plethora of alternatives to conventional bras. They work for some, while others feel a little discomfort, particularly when worn year round, as per one TikToker from Arkansas. However, if you’re okay with temporary use, they can be the ideal choice for you. Nipple pasties can be a breath of fresh air, breaking away from the norm of bras.