When Should I Buy My Daughter a Training Bra?

When Should I Buy My Daughter a Training Bra?

Is your daughter starting to show signs of puberty and you are wondering when should I buy my daughter a training bra? Well, it depends on a number of factors, such as the child’s maturity level and whether or not they have started developing breasts.

If she has not started experiencing breast development, there is no need to buy her any bra. However, once she starts showing signs of development you can start looking for bras in the right size range.

You may want to consider buying her something like a training bra so that she gets used to wearing one at an earlier age. It will also give you time before buying anything too revealing like push-up bras or strapless styles.

What exactly is a training bra?

A training bra refers to a type of bra designed for young girls whose breasts are beginning to develop. Training bras have wide straps, extra padding, and less revealing styles when compared with regular bras.

They are comfortable as opposed to regular bras and thus suitable for your daughter as she transitions into adulthood.

What’s more, training bras are designed to offer protection and support to girls’ tender nipples and breast buds during puberty.

Therefore, a training bra is most suitable for young girls who are starting to develop breasts or have small breasts.

There is a wide range of training bras. They include:

  • Lined bras
  • Racerback sports bras
  • Clasp-back bras
  • Bralettes

At what age do girls typically start wearing a training bra?

Generally, most girls start wearing a training bra when they’re around the age of 11, although some could start putting on the first bra as early as eight years old or as late age 14. 

The most appropriate time to buy a daughter her first bra is an individual decision that should be made between you and your daughter.

When I was 12 years old, my mother purchased me one of those bras that fasten in front because it’s easier for girls to put on, unlike the back-clasp bras.

What do other moms say about training bras?

Mothers seem to have mixed opinions about when a girl should start putting on a training bra.

Some moms want their daughters to start wearing these bras as soon as they hit puberty, while others say she doesn’t need them until her breasts are fully developed and “bouncing around.”

Others recommend that if you’re going to buy your daughter a training bra it’s best not to wait any longer than six years old because the hormones can cause girls’ bodies to mature faster.

Every mother needs to decide for herself when she feels is appropriate for her child, based on what makes sense for the environment or family situation, but also basing it off on how well-versed this issue is with her parenting values.

What if she refuses to wear a training bra?

The best course of action is for the mother to talk with her daughter about what’s going on and solicit feedback. Girls can be very opinionated when it comes to their bodies, so mothers need to remember.

Some would feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or simply do not want to put on a bra. If your daughter still adamantly opposes then I would suggest giving her time.

Eventually, she will be ready to wear one and your support at that time will be important.

Tips for Buying Their First Training Bra

Some of the things you should consider when buying your daughter’s first training bra include the following:

1. What style of training bra do you want to buy?

Depending on your daughter’s activity, you may want to buy a couple of training bras with different styles. For instance, one that suits sports activities, one for school, etc.

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Also, you may want to consider whether she needs one with a back closure or will the front hook work just fine?

2. When should I know when it’s time for her first bra purchase?

Your daughter might not even be considering getting their first bra yet, but chances are she’ll start talking about it eventually.

And if that day comes and your daughter is adamant against wearing one, wait until she becomes more open to this idea before buying anything!

How to Ensure My Daughter’s Bra Fits Properly

When you’re the parent of a pre-teen daughter, it can sometimes be difficult to find bras that fit properly. Plus with all the different bra sizing charts out there – A cup? AA Cup? What do these letters mean?!

It becomes even more challenging when your daughter is growing quickly and her measurements are changing constantly.

Bra sizes range from XS (small) through XL (extra-large). Remember these bras’ sizes could differ depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, the best way to know if the size will work is by taking two measurements using a soft measuring tape.

Measure across the fullest part of your daughter’s bust and then measure around her rib cage just under her breasts (a close fit). The difference you get from these two measurements determines your daughter’s bras size.  

When Should I Buy My Daughter a Training Bra?

So when should I buy my daughter a training bra? Some parents decide that their child’s first real bra should be purchased after puberty.  Others believe that a child’s first bra should come with the onset of puberty and breast development.

Although most girls wear their training bras around age 11, the time to buy your daughter is basically an individualistic choice. It also depends on how she wants to wear it, what style you think would be best for her body type or personality, and whether or not bras are something you want.