Which Type of Bra is Best for Small Breast? 6 Bra Types

Which Type of Bra is Best for Small Breast? 6 Bra Types

Being a petite woman and having small breasts like cup A, AA, or cup B does not exempt you from having as many bras as you desire.

We need to keep our small breasts well-supported, comfortable, and feeling good. While it is easy to walk into a store and buy a bra, or see a bra online and simply order it, it is even easier to go wrong with a bra.

We do not talk about how hard it is to find just the perfect bra for small boobs. If it isn’t the gap between the cup and the boobs, it is a loose strap that keeps falling off. Women with small breasts experience challenges finding a great bra.

In this article, we highlight which type of bra is best for small breast for every woman with small ‘twins’.

Which Type of Bra is Best for Small Breasts? (Quick Answer)

The best bra type for small breasts isn’t just determined by getting your cup size right. It needs to prioritize your comfort, support, and breast shape. You can’t just have one bra type for small breasts, you need several of them to cater to all your needs. Some of the best bra types for small breasts include:

6 Bra Types Best for Small Breasts

1. Push Up Bra

The push-up bra is amazing when you want good cleavage when dressing up. The push-up bra has cups that are specially padded to push your breast upwards and inwards giving you a perfect cleavage.

If you struggle with a gap between your bra cup and your breasts, a push-up bra also helps fill in the space, giving your boobs great and comfortable contact with the cup.

2. Sports Bra

A well-fitting sports bra looks great on small breasts. Sports bras are amazing for daily workouts, yoga, taking a walk, or going on a run. They keep the breasts well-supported and comfortable. 

Petite women look amazing in a sports bra, it is a must-have if you love exercising. A sports bra can also be worn for daily use, especially when doing house chores.

3. Bralette

Bralettes are supportive and comfortable.

The best thing about bralettes is that you do not need a top on them. You can pick a cute bralette and style it with palazzo pants and a denim jacket for an afternoon out or a date night. Bralettes do not have an underwire, which makes them a great bra to have on all day.

4. T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras feature an underwire and are padded to give your boobs good support and a nice lift. The most unique feature of T-shirt bras is that they are invisible under a T-shirt. They also give small breasts a great shape and are perfect for wearing daily.

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5. Wireless Bra

A wireless bra is one of the best bras for comfort for small breasts. Most wireless bras are stretchy and padded for a good boob lift. The wireless bra is perfect to wear on a relaxed day at home.

6. Balconette

The balconette bra is not a full-coverage bra. It however gives sufficient coverage for small breasts. This bra has well-shaped cups that fit better on small breasts than some full-coverage bras. This bra can be worn with a low-neck dress or because of its half-cup design.

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4 Things You Should Have In Mind When Choosing a Bra for Small Breasts

  • Your cup size
  • Your wardrobe and what you wear most of the times
  • How confident do you feel when wearing a particular bra
  • Know which bra brands have the best bras for small boobs

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Which Bra Types do Make Small Breasts Look Bigger?

An underwire padded bra does a good job of making small breasts look bigger. You can go for a balconette, or a padded bra with an underwire to get a bigger look on small breasts. You can also try a plunge bra to make your small breasts look bigger.

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Can a Bra Increase Breast Size?

A padded and wired bra can make your small breasts look larger, but bras do not increase the breast size. Your bra does not determine the breast size. What mostly makes your breast size increase or reduce is hormonal changes in your body.

Is a Sports Bra Necessary For Small Breasts?

You need a sports bra regardless of your breast size. A well-fitting and comfortable sports bra is healthy for doing exercise as it keeps you comfortable and gives you the needed support when working out.

To get a great bra for small breasts, you need to have your cup size right and go to the right stores or online sites with proper information on the same. While this can be time-consuming and hard, with our bra recommendations, you can narrow down your options to find your perfect bra with ease.

Additional Questions

What type of bra is optimal for mature breasts?

As we age, our breasts often need more support due to their shape and texture changes, and the answer to this can be a side support bra. A top-notch side support bra is characterized by its underwires that extend upwards to the central part of your bust. Add in a wide band and you’ve got a bra that provides not just side support but an all-around hold. Remember, don’t compromise on your comfort and always opt for a bra that fits perfectly and doesn’t create unnecessary pressure on your body.

Which bra style suits shallow breasts the most?

Having shallow breasts suggests you need a bra with rounded cups. And the Minimizer bra, known for its wide and shallow cups more so than traditional bras, takes the cake here. These bras do an excellent job of spreading the breast tissue across the chest, which helps women with shallow breasts avoid that unwanted caving in effect. With my expertise in the lingerie field, I can confidently assert that this would be the best pick for shallow breasts.

Is underwire necessary for small breasts?

For most women with smaller breasts, wireless bras are a fantastic option, chiefly because they don’t require heavy-duty support. Relieving the need for underwire doesn’t mean women with larger breasts can’t wear them either – it all boils down to an individual’s comfort and preference. Having spent years in the lingerie industry, I’ve learnt one size doesn’t fit all, and the same rule applies when it comes to wire-free bras, they may not always provide the perfect fit or enough support for larger breast sizes.

Are ThirdLove bras beneficial for smaller breasts?

ThirdLove’s 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge Bra comes highly recommended for women with smaller breasts. Why, you may wonder? Well, it’s available down to an AA cup size and even includes half size options, which means it caters specifically to smaller busts. Plus, **the memory foam cups conform to the natural individual’s shape, avoiding unpleasant gaping**. Being a seasoned expert in this field, I can validate that it’s a genuinely remarkable bra for smaller busts.