Why Does My Bra Hurt My Ribs? 5 Effective Ways to Prevent!

Why Does My Bra Hurt My Ribs? 5 Effective Ways to Prevent!

Hurting ribs after a long day of wearing a bra remains an issue to many ladies. Research shows that about 80% of ladies wear the wrong bra size, but you might have yours fitting properly but still have hurting ribs.  

So, why does my bra hurt my ribs? Your bra can hurt your ribs as a result of; a tight clasp, small bra band, loose traps, high rib cage, bra style, body changes, and fibromyalgia.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 reasons that can lead to rib pain and 5 solutions to hurting ribs.

Why Does My Bra Hurt My Ribs- 7 Reasons

1. Small Bra Band

If the bra band is small, it will squeeze the ribcage making you uncomfortable. If you wear the same bra consecutively, it will leave marks on the ribs which are painful.

2. Tight Clasp

When you wear your bra in the morning you clasp the bra at the size you feel is okay for you. As the day goes by, you might start feeling that your bra is too tight. Try to loosen the clasp, it helps.

3. Loose Straps

Loose straps will make your bra settle lower on your body and the cups will be low too. This will make the bra rub against the sensitive part, below your breasts.

4. High Rib Cage

Your bra can be in the right size but your rib cage is the problem. A higher ribcage is felt after pressing your fingers slightly below your breasts. Consult a professional to know the appropriate bras for you.

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5. Bra Style

 Bras are available in different styles and offer comfort in their way. Bra styles that are ill-famed for rib pain are; 

  • Underwire bras
  • Rigid lingerie
  • Shapewear bras

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6. Body Changes

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes in her lifetime, these changes can be the cause of your ribs hurting.

7. Fibromyalgia 

This is a condition that makes the wearing of bras painful. It makes your ribs to be tender and sore. This condition makes it hard to wear bras of any style or size.

Some people suffering from this disease never find the right bra for them at all. This is because when the fibromyalgia spots are pressed by the bras, they become very painful.

5 Ways of Preventing Your Bra from Hurting Your Ribs

1. Wear the Right Bra Size

This is the first cause you should think of if your bra is hurting your ribs.

Your bra should not be tight on the band, clasps, or have loose straps; this causes discomfort and skin irritation. The cups should not be small to avoid spillage or too big leaving spaces on top or below.

2. Wear the Right Style

There are numerous bra styles in the market, avoid underwire, rigid lingerie, and shapewear if possible. You can also alternate between different bra styles.

3. Bra Alternative

There are a lot of options on what to wear instead of a bra. They include bralettes, camisoles among others.

They offer adequate support to your breasts without any pressure on your neck, shoulders, and no hurting ribs at all.

4. Bra extenders

If you are sure that your ribs are hurting as a result of a tight bra band, you can use a bra extender. It will increase the size of your bra band by a few inches.

5. Seek Medical Attention

In case you have a health problem like fibromyalgia, you should seek medical attention. You should not force yourself to wear a bra if you are in pain, it is not a crime to stay braless.

All your bras should be made of pure cotton to avoid more pain when you sweat, other materials might not absorb the sweat leading to friction and pain. There are also fibromyalgia creams.

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Bras are to offer comfort and support to our breasts. If you notice that they are causing pain to your ribs, find a solution the earliest possible.

If you have tried a number of ways to stop the pain and none is working, visit a doctor for assistance.

Additional Questions

Why does my bra cause pain in my ribs?

Bras, especially those that are imprecisely sized or too tight, often cause discomfort and pain in the rib area. They sit directly on your ribcage and if they’re tight or constricting, they may cause pain, skin abrasions, and chafing. Based on personal experience, and general consensus, underwire bras are notorious for causing such pain. It’s important to feel comfortable in your bra, so make sure the fit and size are right for your body.

Can a tight bra band trigger rib pain?

Indeed, a tight bra can lead to rib pain. The main role of a bra is to hold up the breasts and maintain their structure. However, many women find themselves with stiffness and tension where the bra strap lies. Tight bras can significantly impact your ribcage, not to mention causing pain in the back and neck. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your bra is of good fit to avoid these discomforts.

Should a bra be tight about the rib cage?

A bra should fit firmly around the ribcage, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. By “firm”, I mean that you should be able to pull the bra band off your back by about an inch, no more. If you can pull it back further, then the band is too loose. Speaking from experience, a correct firm fitting band will sit low and stay where it’s supposed to be. Thus, finding a good fitting bra isn’t only about comfort but functionality as well.