Why Does My Bra Ride Up In the Front? 7 Common Reasons

Why Does My Bra Ride Up In the Front? 7 Common Reasons

Are you tired of pulling your bra down? It is a horrible experience that more than often may cause back bulges. So, why does my bra ride up in the front?

Bras ride up in the front mainly because they are not well-fitting, are worn out, their style is not fit for you, one breast is bigger than the other, natural body change, poor washing habits or you sweat a lot.

To spare yourself the embarrassment brought about by the riding up of bras, we have a list of possible reasons and solutions for you.

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    Why Does My Bra Ride Up in the Front – 7 Reasons

    Smaller Cups

    If your breasts are spilling out of the cups either on the sides or on the top, the straps will be pulled up and down. This can make you look as if you have double breasts which can be so embarrassing. The cup size should be bigger than the band size.

    Bra Style Not Fit For You

    Bras are made in different styles to fit different cloth designs. They can either be strapless, with one strap regular, or more. Strapless or bras with smaller straps are more likely to ride up due to the absence or shortage of shoulder support. Bras with wide straps are highly recommended.

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    A Bigger Breast than the Other

    Many women have one of their breasts larger than the other, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. This results in the bra riding up due to the space left by the other breast. This is a manageable condition as bra fit experts will explain ways you can fit breasts to be equal to avoid riding up and cover any observable difference.

    Natural Body Changes

    If you gain or lose weight, it will affect the size of your breasts. Fat has a big role in breast tissue and density. If you have gained weight, your bras will be small and they will not fit well.

    Your body can go through changes when you are a few days into your menstruation cycle. Most of the time the breast enlarges and the bras will not fit. The breasts re-claim their normal size after the menstrual cycle.

    Poor Washing Habits

    If you wear your bra when wet, you will destroy its shape. This is mostly for padded bras. Use a little amount of fabric softener preferably a mild one, if you must. However, you should not use it regularly because it weakens the elastane and the bra will lack support.

    Use a short wash if you are using a washing machine.

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    Most bras are made of dense materials which can make sweat accumulate under the chest making the bra ride up. This problem mostly affects women who are physically active. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways you can reduce sweat.

    Worn Out Bras

    What is the age of your bra? If it is more than nine months then your bra is old. The bands get worn out with time hence the bra riding up. It’s time to buy a new one!

    Top 6 Solutions to Bras Riding Up

    Buy a bra with the correct cup size

    If your wear a bra and spaces are left inside, that bra is bigger for you. In the same way, you should not wear a bra that leaves some parts of your breasts out. The breasts should be in the middle of the cup.

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    Try out different styles of bras before buying

    Though bras are made to fit with different types of clothing, you should first try them out to know if they are fit for you. If you notice that a strapless bra is not fit for you, there is no need to force yourself into it.

    Embrace Your Shape and Body Changes

    There is no problem if one of your breasts is larger than the other. You should not squeeze the larger breast into a smaller cup. It’s best if you wear a bra with big cups to accommodate the larger breast. It is advisable to buy one with molded cups.

    In case your breasts enlarge a few days to your menses or you have gained weight, learn to embrace those changes. Do not be embarrassed to buy a bigger bra, after all, it is for your comfort.

    Wear a Sports Bra

    If you are going to be engaged in vigorous activity, wear a sports bra. It helps to minimize the breasts’ movement and compress them in the chest.

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    Reduce Sweating

    Have wet wipes to wipe out sweat if it is not in excess or put on antiperspirant to minimize sweating. You can seek medical assistance if the sweat is too much.

    Replace Worn-Out Bras

    Even with the best care, your bra will get worn out. Therefore, it is best to replace worn-out bras in your wardrobe regularly.

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    So, why does my bra ride up in the front? A number of factors play in making your bra ride up in the front. For instance, unfitting bras, worn-out bras, body changes, and poor washing habits among others.

    Consider all of them as you might realize that your bra is riding up as a result of more than one problem.

    Having your bra stay in place will not only make you comfortable but will also make you walk head high!

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